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Strewth! Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy has a release date

G’day m9s, set your watches to Straya, because our favourite shirtless hero is bursting back onto the scene later this year. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane T...[Read More]



Halo Wars 2 review: You had me at Halo

Reviewed on: Xbox One. Copy supplied by publisher. The original Halo Wars was the best-selling and highest rated RTS game on console. Why? Because it refined th...[Read More]



Sniper Elite 4 review: Sending gibs flying since 1943

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. A series that’s been boldly going from strength to strength with each successive release, Sniper E...[Read More]

NBN Co CEO thinks Aussies wouldn’t even use faster internet and I’m literally shaking with rage

If you were on the internet yesterday, you may have noticed, between all the bullshit being flung by politicians both here in Australia and abroad, the CEO of N...[Read More]



Candleman Review – Wax on or wax off?

Reviewed on Xbox One Candleman is an indie platformer developed by Spotlightor Interactive. You play as the titular Candleman, who’s more candle than a man, mak...[Read More]



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC review: Let’s focus on the zombies

Reviewed on: Playstation 4 Despite having an enjoyable, if safe, solo campaign, I find Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer to be severely lacking ...[Read More]

Check out the official Nintendo Switch packaging

Nintendo Switch launches in four weeks. Man that’s come up quickly. Seems like just yesterday editor Charlie and I were getting hands-on with the har...[Read More]

Horizon: Zero Dawn developers talk moving from linear shooters to open-world RPGs

Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Playstation 4 exclusive Sony has been showing off for quite some time now, is just around the corner so pretty soon we’ll all be r...[Read More]

Club Penguin to waddle off in March

The scientists were right. Disney’s Club Penguin, is sinking into the cold depths on March 29, 2017. With over 200 million accounts, and having 8.5 million peng...[Read More]

Watch me cringing playing Resident Evil 7 in VR

I suppose it was always going to come to this. Resident Evil 7 is out and fully playable in Playstation VR, and my fellow editor Charlie responded to my suggest...[Read More]

Fallout 4 is about to get prettier, and also make your computer weep

Fallout 4 is a pretty darn good looking game. I mean, look how many times my fellow editor Charlie and I posted our collections of screenshots from our time exp...[Read More]

Gee, “1-2-Swift” sure looks like another game I know…

If you are a huge Nintendo fan who also happened to be perusing Steam today and spotted a game called 1-2-Swift on the new release list, you could be forgiven f...[Read More]

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