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CES 2016 has wrapped up in Las Vegas, and it sure wasn’t devoid of weird new pieces of technology. Razer announced a gaming laptop/desktop hybrid, there was a tablet app that could place players’ faces into Fallout 4 and also a PC in the shape of an Imperial Star Destroyer.

ces-2016-star destroyer pc_0

Inputs include USB 3.0, Micro SD and the R2-D2 Stick Slot. (Source: GameCrate)

But silly, upright walking homo-sapiens weren’t the only market being tapped at the electronics expo; gaming is now heading for our pets.

Company CleverPet revealed the Hub, a Wi-Fi enabled device that engages dogs in a series of reaction games to help boost cognitive function and ease anxiety when owners are not home. So yes, thanks to the CleverPet Hub, while we’re away our dogs will be spending their days tapping buttons, gorging on tasty snacks and disappointing us with their mooching lifestyle.

CleverPet and Dog in Action

“GET A JOB, SNUFFLES!” (source: CleverPet)

The Hub is filled with dry dog food which it dispenses whenever one of its three backlit buttons is pressed. So as to not make things too easy for little Fido (that still a common dog name?), it begins making the button prompts more specific such as by only dispensing food if the solely lit one is pressed, if they’re pressed in the right order etc. The Wi-Fi capability of the machine allows for more and more games to be downloaded and keep your dog on its toes (paws?).

CleverPet Hub Hi res

Eeeevvvvee? Hmm, WALL-E references don’t quite work in written form… (Soure: CleverPet)

A really neat idea for engaging and entertaining a dog, but CleverPet should be preparing itself for the onslaught of “People-Against-Fun” groups crying that it absorbs too much of a dog’s time and is destroying its brain. I mean, just look at this time-lapse video from CleverPet of a pug using the Hub. It sits in front of it for nearly an ENTIRE DAY.

These “vidya games” are destroying our pets, I tells ya…

The CleverPet Hub is looking to launch in the US in Spring 2016, and can be preordered over on their website.

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