Pocket Mortys review: Wubalubadubdub



We usually don’t cover mobile games, and for good reason, in general they are terrible. When apps first became a thing with the release of smart phones there was a brief golden age of free content that wasn’t riddled with ads, but now mobile releases have been tarnished with ungodly amounts of microtransactions and clones of Flappy Bird.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some good games, but they are increasingly rare. When Pocket Mortys was announced, a Pokémon style game based off of the cult smash Rick and Morty, I was super excited. I’m a huge fan of the show and partial to Pokémon, what could possibly go wrong?

Wh... what?

Wh… what is that?

Pocket Mortys is certainly as Pokémon as a game can be without actually being Pokémon, but it has kind of dropped off the parts that many hardcore fans adore from the mini monster abusing game. It’s totally understandable why they aren’t on the same level, one is a surprisingly intricate RPG with a whole bunch of algorithms going on in the background and the other is based on a cartoon where an old man burps a lot.


Don’t we all.

Pocket Mortys is fun, the little in jokes from the show are brilliant, but the gameplay is so basic it gets repetitive and dull very quickly. The combat essentially boils down to rock paper scissors, where Mortys take hit after hit without much variation.

Sure you can switch Mortys out to use the best type, but in most cases there’s no need, your base Morty is OP enough for that not to be an issue. But that is all forgiven when you discover new Mortys, because in general they are hilarious. There are also plenty of cameos from your favourite characters to keep you fixated.


The cameo literally tens of fans wanted.

The story echoes the original Pokémon games pretty closely, Rick and Morty need to battle other Morty obsessed Ricks and aliens for badges until they have enough to face the council of Ricks and earn back their portal gun. Apart from the portal gun bit the similarities of earning badges and fighting a team of elite trainers is straight up Pokémon Red/Blue.

Movement and the way you interact with objects is the same as you would expect from Pokémon, except the movement button is pretty clumsy and hard to control at times. The graphics are nice and in general the game runs well, at least it did on my slowly dying Galaxy S4.

The most heartbreaking came.


In the end I’m scrutinising a free game based on a show I love, so just download it if you’re a fan of the show, there is enough there to keep you amused, but don’t expect it to be a long term game as it’s pretty darn basic.

Pros: Rick and Morty. Rick. Morty.

Cons: Pretty average gameplay. It’s still Rick and Morty so it’s okay.


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