Prey reboot is launching in May


After the 10 year long story that was the development and sad cancellation of Prey 2, the reboot by Arkane Studios finally has a release date.

The sci-fi shooter in which morphing into a coffee mug is a totally possible method of escaping death is launching for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC May 5 2017.

There’s also a new trailer, showing off some pretty nuts gunplay and more of the creepy shapeshifting creatures, which you can check out here:

Yeah all right, I’m keen.

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  • Wow, that does look nothing like the original. Seems like they’re going for more of a Dead Space vibe. Can you still untether your spirit from your body to solve puzzles?!

    • Who knows, maybe! Yeah, it isn’t anything to do with the original, just a reboot in name only. Looks amazing though.

      And to be fair, the actual Prey 2 they announced (and then cancelled) looked nothing like the original and in fact was about a different character, on another world and being a bounty hunter or something. So we were never really getting the sequel they teased in the credits of the original regardless!

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