Nintendo Switch impressions: Is it worth it just yet?


So Nintendo released a new console, you may have heard about it. Over the past week I’ve spent, quite frankly, a disgusting amount of hours playing with a shiny new Nintendo Switch, and now I’m going to convey how that experience was to you through words, because that is what an article is.

Out of the box, the Switch was hands down the easiest console I’ve ever set up. It was simple enough to see where the HDMI and AC plugged into the stand, and then slotting the console itself into its TV connecting nest was as seamless as it looks in the adverts.  And that’s it, the console was now set up, leaving basic internet connecting and account logging in to finish the process.

Connected to the TV, the picture of the Switch looks good, of course this will change depending on the game you’re playing, but for Zelda, I was impressed with the quality. On the handheld too it looks crisp thanks to a high pixel density. It’s easily the best I’ve seen a handheld look, and the ability to rapidly change modes has already proven invaluable. To say I’m hooked to Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an understatement, and the ability to continue playing when my wife wants the TV to watch terrible reality cooking shows is brilliant.

Yes, that is how we all connect Joy-Cons.

I’ve spent a fair while playing around with Joy-Con configuration and getting a feel for each set up. Slotting the controllers onto the console or onto the controller grip feels pretty nifty as they click into place. The controller grip itself feels like it was designed for little hands and is uncomfortably small, after six hours of playing Zelda two nights ago my hands still feel like T-Rex claws today, so for those in for long haul sessions, you may want to invest in a pro controller. The pro controller by the way is totally worth the hefty price tag, and has made my explorations of Hyrule all the more bearable.

From reading headlines you’d assume that all Switches have screen faults, such as dreaded dead pixels, but fortunately mine is not one of them. In fact I’m continually impressed with the tech, even if I’m only using it to play the one game. That being said, faults have still reared their ugly head, such as the curse of the left Joy-Con, which has a tendency to drop connectivity when it damn well feels like.

This usually happens at the most inconvenient times, launching Link to his demise off dangerous cliff edges on more than once occasion. I’ve tried to replicate the issue and figure out what is causing it, with no luck. I’ve even moved the damn console away from everything and knocked on my neighbour’s doors to check they don’t have fucking aquariums. But nope, it just seems to do its own thing, and that sucks.

They didn’t show you the glass fucking imploding because the Joy-Con is a dick.

I have also noticed some terrible resolutions when docking the console for TV play. This can be fixed by undocking and replacing it on the dock, I’m not sure if it’s to do with the system not lining up properly, but it was concerning for a brief moment.

Luckily my screen hasn’t been scratched through the docking process, but as others have noted, it seems kind of silly how rough the edges are, and I’m not too keen on attaching felt chair leg protectors into my console to circumvent the questionable design like others have.

Overall I am sold on the Switch, despite some bugs holding it back. The library is pretty thread bare at the moment, but given how good Zelda is (as you’ll see in our upcoming review), it’s well worth the investment if you want to play one of the best games ever made on the go. Taking this week as an intro into what we can expect from the console, I am more than ready for what’s to come. Not to hype something up unnecessarily, but it’s probably the most excited I’ve been for the prospects of a new console in a long time. Oh, and probably give 1-2 Switch a miss, it’s fair garbage.

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