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République review: I can see you!

Originally released on mobile devices as an episodic game, République has found its way onto home formats, including Windows and PS4, the latter of which is the version we’re looking at here. This isn’t the first time a mobile game has made the leap to more powerful platforms, lest we all forget the train wreck that was Deus Ex: The Fall, but hopefully, République will fare a little be...[Read More]

Dark Souls III shouldn’t have an easier mode

Recently, Charlie shared his opinion about an easy mode for From Software’s Dark Souls III. In this he made some very good points, and some that were hard to argue with in terms of their overall reason and validity. However, this isn’t an opinion I personally agree on, and I feel that any form of easy, or easier mode for Dark Souls would be a bad thing. Now, I’m not going to simp...[Read More]



Dark Souls III review: Deadja Vu

I’m slowly walking through a corpse-strewn village, clutching a sword tightly, ready to swing, and holding my shield high. I’m ready for battle, and gaze intently towards the doorway ahead, expecting an attack from within. It’s dark, there’s no sign of life, and even as I enter the gloom, I see no foes. No creatures baying for my blood. And then, I die. You see, in the worl...[Read More]

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