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Necropolis review: Art Souls

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. It’s no surprise so many devs are no desperately trying to reproduce the winning formula of Dark Souls – it’s fantastic. From Software’s series has become a legitimate classic in every sense of the word, and the industry wants to cash in on this success. We’ve seen good copies of the formula, such as the excellent Salt and Sanctu...[Read More]

Why unfair comparisons with Overwatch killed Battleborn

It’s not uncommon in the gaming industry for two similar titles to go up against each other for sales. Games are compared all the time, especially by fans of a particular series or platform who stand behind their chosen title with almost tribal allegiance. Prototype vs Infamous, Halo vs Killzone, Sonic vs Mario, comparing games with even a passing similarity to each other is something that&#...[Read More]


Oh dear

Umbrella Corps review: Bring out yer dead!

Well, what a steaming load that was! Probably not the words Capcom wanted to see at the start of any review, but there’s just no nice way to say it I’m afraid. Umbrella Corps has to be one of the worst big name releases I’ve played this year, if not the worst. Umbrella Corps is one of those games where you simply can’t figure out why on Earth it exists, and by the looks of ...[Read More]



The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC review: Once upon a time

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. The Witcher 3 is a rare example of a complete game that really didn’t need any DLC. The vanilla game was massive, with more content than pretty much any other titles outside of the likes of Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Most players still haven’t finished everything there is to do in the world, and maybe never will. However, that didn’t ...[Read More]



DOOM review: embrace the old school

Reviewed on: PS4. Copy supplied by publisher. DOOM, the granddaddy of the FPS genre is back once again, and this time under the watchful eye of Bethesda. For the more seasoned gamer, DOOM is not just synonymous with the first person shooter, but also responsible for the genre’s meteoric rise to dominance. Sure, Wolfenstein 3D may have come first (and a couple of more obscure games before tha...[Read More]



République review: I can see you!

Originally released on mobile devices as an episodic game, République has found its way onto home formats, including Windows and PS4, the latter of which is the version we’re looking at here. This isn’t the first time a mobile game has made the leap to more powerful platforms, lest we all forget the train wreck that was Deus Ex: The Fall, but hopefully, République will fare a little be...[Read More]

Dark Souls III shouldn’t have an easier mode

Recently, Charlie shared his opinion about an easy mode for From Software’s Dark Souls III. In this he made some very good points, and some that were hard to argue with in terms of their overall reason and validity. However, this isn’t an opinion I personally agree on, and I feel that any form of easy, or easier mode for Dark Souls would be a bad thing. Now, I’m not going to simp...[Read More]



Dark Souls III review: Deadja Vu

I’m slowly walking through a corpse-strewn village, clutching a sword tightly, ready to swing, and holding my shield high. I’m ready for battle, and gaze intently towards the doorway ahead, expecting an attack from within. It’s dark, there’s no sign of life, and even as I enter the gloom, I see no foes. No creatures baying for my blood. And then, I die. You see, in the worl...[Read More]

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