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Outlast 2 has now been given a rating in Australia

After some controversy and just a couple of opinions being thrown around, Outlast 2 has been given an R rating in Australia and will release on April 26th as planned. The previously offending scene will still be included UPDATE: The game has been edited to accommodate the R18+, potentially worldwide. Developer Red Barrels told Press Start Australia, “Outlast 2 has been rated R18+ by the Classifica...[Read More]

The moment Horizon Zero Dawn finally clicked for me

My relationship with Horizon Zero Dawn has been somewhat of a shaky one since launch. I spent maybe an hour or so playing before the arrival of Breath of the Wild, only going back to it after I’d cooked my way through Hyrule. Two or so hours back into the robot apocalypse I found myself thinking what all the fuss was about, sure it was good, but not great. My main issue with it was a blend o...[Read More]

The reason Outlast 2 was refused classification makes sense

Okay, maybe I was a bit quick to jump the gun with slamming the Australian Classification Board earlier today. After it came to light that Outlast 2 was refused classification, my Jimmies were well and truly rustled. But, maybe in this instance, they were onto something. As reported by Alex Walker over at Kotaku Australia, who received a detailed explanation of the scene that triggered the refusal...[Read More]

Outlast 2 has been refused classification in Australia

Outlast 2, which is due for an April 25th release, has been refused classification by Australia’s Classification Board, despite the introduction of an R rating in 2013. We’ve been here before, so it’s kind of disheartening to keep writing about the issue. The reason the Australian Classification Board gave this time round, according to their site, is because horror game Outlast 2...[Read More]



The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review – A Triforce to be reckoned with

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, copy supplied by Nintendo. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting and rolling delays, Zelda Wii U finally entered the world with a bang… and on an entirely new console. Of course the old working title for Breath of the Wild is kind of funny looking back, but at least the final product more than makes up for it. And hey, those that bought a Wii U in anticip...[Read More]

The use of amiibos in Breath of the Wild kind of sucks

It’s been widely reported that amiibos can generate loot in BOTW. Which, is pretty interesting, and kind of cool as a time saver when resource gathering, but the fact some of the items seemingly can’t be found in the game without these figures, is making my eyebrows rise to dangerous heights. The most notable piece of loot is Epona, Link’s equine pal who is close to the heart of anyone...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch impressions: Is it worth it just yet?

So Nintendo released a new console, you may have heard about it. Over the past week I’ve spent, quite frankly, a disgusting amount of hours playing with a shiny new Nintendo Switch, and now I’m going to convey how that experience was to you through words, because that is what an article is. Out of the box, the Switch was hands down the easiest console I’ve ever set up. It was sim...[Read More]

New hero Orisa joins the Overwatch fight

The speculation can stop, the next hero joining the Overwatch line up has been confirmed. Orisa is the sixth tank hero to make the cut, and will have a focus on ranged attacks and protecting teammates. You can check out her origin story here: You may have noticed the prominence of Doomfist in that video, so HOPEFULLY we get to see a playable version of the infamous character soon. Now let’s ...[Read More]

Blizzard tease us with new Overwatch character hype

Overwatch has been one of the most solid multiplayer experiences in a long time, and naturally it has a large following beacuse of this. So it’s not surprising when a new character comes around, Overwatch fans lose their shit. Blizzard have shown a precedent for slowly teasing new characters, like in the Sombra AR debacle. And for a while now there have been whispers that a new character isn...[Read More]

The Shadow of War trailer isn’t early, it arrived precisely when it meant to

So the Shadow of War trailer dropped today, which probably has nothing to do with the leak from yesterday… The sequel to Shadow of Mordor looks to be much like its predecessor, so stupidly not canon that it’s awesome. The plot follows the continued raging against the machine of Gondorian ranger Talion, who shares his undead body with Elf/Wraith Celebrimbor. This time out it looks like ...[Read More]



For Honor review: A whole lot of guttural yelling

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. Basically Dynasty Warriors meets Just Dance, For Honor incorporates a whole lot of features gamers will be familiar with, and creates something unique in the process. Available in single and multiplayer modes, the game has quite a lot going for it, and it really does shine in some areas, but unfortunately is cringe inducing in others. LetR...[Read More]

Strewth! Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy has a release date

G’day m9s, set your watches to Straya, because our favourite shirtless hero is bursting back onto the scene later this year. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, which is a remastered collection of the first three Crash Bandicoot games, will receive a global release on the 30th of June for PS4. If you didn’t know they were making this remastered hunk of potential gold, you can rea...[Read More]

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