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Bloodborne The Old Hunters

– Charlie Braithwaite From Software’s Bloodborne was simultaneously one of the most interesting games and one of the most frustrating games that I’ve played so far this year.  It had a good balance of difficulty and intrigue that made it compelling, up until the spiders came in and I just noped my way out of ever finishing it. As I’ve discussed before, spiders in games are ...[Read More]

The MGS V glitch that turns you into a war criminal

– Charlie Braithwaite We’ve been talking a lot about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And so we should be, it has a lot going for it, and despite some questionable character designs, it’s one of the best games released in 2015 so far. One particular thing we love about MGS V is the freedom you have when tackling missions. Want to take a few hours to sneak around and take eve...[Read More]

Pokemon GO: How to over promise with a trailer

– Charlie Braithwaite Yesterday the world was literally taken over by Pokemon when the trailer for the upcoming app Pokemon GO was released. While the trailer looks amazing, it’s surely over promising the hell out of what it can deliver. If you missed it you can check it out below: Admittedly we haven’t seen the game in action yet, but it will be hard to create a reality where Po...[Read More]

LoadScreen play Spooky’s: Episode 3

– Charlie Braithwaite It has been some time since we last ventured into the pit of despair and mild horror that is Spooky’s House of Jumpscares. This time we’re back with yours truly on the helm, because Tom kind sucked at the game and was too shaken from his last bout to continue. Without further delay, here it is, 16 minutes of candy floss terror, general panic, and tummy kisse...[Read More]

In the end MGS V’s depiction of Quiet is still sexist

– Charlie Braithwaite We absolutely adore Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at LoadScreen, that being said, there is a lot wrong with the representation of women in the game, in particular the sniper Quiet. Quiet is undeniably a cool character, but the way she is handled and the extremely flimsy backstory on why she wears an extremely flimsy costume isn’t good enough. It’s 201...[Read More]

Tearaway Unfolded review: You can draw dicks on everything

–  Charlie Braithwaite Creativity is a beautiful thing in games, having the freedom to do what you want makes you feel powerful and nurtures the imagination. That being said, when you give me the option to use the Dualshock 4 touchpad to scribble designs, things are going to get messy. I’m not a good drawer, never have been, never will be. So the sheer amount of crudely drawn appendage...[Read More]

Forza 6 review: Hitting top gear

–  Charlie Braithwaite When a review copy of Forza Motorsport 6, developed by Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios, landed in our inbox there was a genuine moment of panic. Does anyone at LoadScreen play racing games? Well, I do, as of now. I own a car and sometimes play games (e.g. always) so thought I am as qualified as the next person. I wasn’t expecting to adore the game, but I would ...[Read More]

Nipple eyes for new SMITE god

–  Charlie Braithwaite Everyone is made differently, some of us are tall, some of us have brown hair, and some of us have nipple eyes. Well, you do if you’re the new SMITE god Xing Tian. Want to find out how someone goes about getting nipple eyes? Check out Xing Tian’s animated backstory in this god reveal from SMITE.   If you didn’t have time to watch that, SMITE̵...[Read More]

RPGs are hell for people with OCD

– Charlie Braithwaite It’s been well documented on LoadScreen that games will pretty much ruin your life. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, as we wouldn’t have much to do with our days otherwise. There are however, certain types of games that will destroy you more than others, take RPGs for example. I know many a noble friend who has perished upon a title’s release, onl...[Read More]

Halo 5 opening cinematic racks up Covenant kills

– Charlie Braithwaite The opening cinematic for  Halo 5: Guardians has been released on YouTube, without further delay, here it is:   Despite looking like Temple Run filled with Covenant, it is still visually impressive and adds sufficient hype ahead of the game’s October 27 release date.   For more gaming news follow @load_screen and like us on Facebook.

Deus Ex divides mankind on pre-order bullshit

– Charlie Braithwaite Pre-ordering is out of control, seriously, we’re at the point where we need an after school special on this shit. Today it was announced that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will have the most insane pre-order system known to man. Essentially it runs off of a premise in which the amount of pre-order copies sold dictates the content that will be included with the game. Do...[Read More]

Crunchyroll PS4 app launches internationally

– Charlie Braithwaite Fans of anime rejoice! You can now stream some of your favourite shows for free through Crunchyroll‘s PlayStation 4 app. Available titles will vary region by region, but the app itself is free from the PS store. If you purchase a premium membership for AU$6.96 per month, you’ll be able to stream in HD with no adverts and simulcast episodes just an hour after...[Read More]

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