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1: Babies 2: Guns 3: ???? 4: Profit (or a government watch-list)

– Charlie Braithwaite Babies are cute, right? That’ a pretty safe sentence to write. This next one might not be so safe. Ever have the urge to take control of a newborn, make it wear silly hats, arm it to the teeth and then have it shoot at other babies? No? Yeah… good… me neither. A new kickstarter campaign for the game PaciFire seems to defy logic and goes straight into i...[Read More]

Toon Skyrim mod turns the game into a cartoon wonderland

– Charlie Braithwaite Have you ever wanted to play Skyrim, but hesitated because it doesn’t look quite cartoony enough for you? If you have, that’s weird, also soon you can totally play cartoon Skyrim soon with modder UniqueUses new look for the game. Several screenshots for the mod appeared on Imgur last week, and they sure look pretty. Check them out in the slideshow below: Too...[Read More]

INK: A beautifully frustrating platformer

– Charlie Braithwaite INK was released on Steam earlier this week. You may have noticed it pop up in your new releases section, and you may have also wondered whether it’s worth the US $4.99 price tag. Well the answer to that is both “yes” and “oh my god why are you punishing me?” The premise of the game is simple, you are a white square that splashes out ink wh...[Read More]

LoadScreen play Spooky’s House of Jump Scares

– Charlie Braithwaite Some people are good with horror games, in fact they actually enjoy them. I am not one of those people. Below is a video of me playing the first 100 rooms of the very cute and very terrifying Spooky’s House of Jump Scares. Incidentally, you should watch this if you want to hear a grown man gasp like a cartoon housewife seeing a mouse. You can jump scare Charlie on...[Read More]

Battlefield 4: Just when I thought I was out

– Charlie Braithwaite It had been almost a year since I played Battlefield 4. Yet, with the birthing of a new PC, I decided it was time to dust off my rage face and give it another shot. Coming out of retirement with a game can end pretty horribly. Especially when you find out the skills you thought you had have withered and died. I’d learned that mistake several times with StarCraft i...[Read More]

These Rocket League goals are next level

– Charlie Braithwaite There are a few things in this world that are as mesmerising as they are depressing. Watching your rabbit chew through your record collection and then gloriously do a back-flip is one,  another is watching people who are insanely good at a game that you are awful at. Both have happened to me this week. If you haven’t kept up with car racing sports news recently, R...[Read More]

PlayStation Vote to Play: Making it rain free games

– Charlie Braithwaite PlayStation are bringing a Vote to Play system to PS Plus. This system will allow Plus members to vote on unreleased PlayStation 4 games to feature in the upcoming month’s game line-up, which is free for Plus members to download. The game that receives the most votes will be included in a future monthly game collection and the runners-up will be available for purc...[Read More]

DayZ tales: The hunt

– Charlie Braithwaite DayZ holds a special place in my heart, it has ruined friendships, made me fear the living (yes, if you get that reference pat yourself on the back) and absorbed hours of my life. This particular tale takes the form of a random encounter with several players including the lowliest dickbag I have  encountered in Chernarus. It all started by the firehouse in Cherno. I was...[Read More]

Trial By Combat: STARWHAL

– Charlie Braithwaite After being well and truly shamed and collapsing into a pile of swear words in our last Trial By Combat I needed to calculate my revenge.  Through studying Tom’s every movement since our friendship began, I deduced he would suck at STARWHAL, the space narwhal combat simulator. Like a true gentleman I took to Twitter to issue the challenge: @clbraith@StarwhalGame I...[Read More]

For a short time only you can try Star Citizen for free

– Charlie Braithwaite Are you keen to enlist in a huge space opera of a game? Well Star Citizen looks like it could worth watching when it comes to the new trend of open world space gaming. For a short time only you can play Star Citizen for free and experience what it is like to blow up strangers in space. If you visit this page and enter QCFREEFLIGHT2K15 as a promotional code, you will get...[Read More]

Rad Road Rally: Micro Machines nostalgia

– Charlie Braithwaite The face of gaming has changed a lot since the early 90s. If like me you grew up playing games like Micro Machines, at least part of you is probably hell bent on feeling that sweet nostalgia. Good news is that the new indie title Rad Road Rally has you covered. Rad Road Rally combines simplistic gameplay, retro graphics and a banging soundtrack, which when combined tick...[Read More]

How to build a new PC: An unhelpful guide

– Charlie Braithwaite My old computer was reliable, it could send emails, hell it could even receive emails. But when it came to games it could just about run StarCraft and DayZ, but was falling short on new releases. So it was time to embark on that exciting/tedious journey of building a new computer. And by build I mean drink beer and watch Alfred do it. Now I am referring to a friend of m...[Read More]

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