Fallout Shelter has ruined my life

– Charlie Braithwaite I had just woken up, it was 9am, time to get out of bed and start writing. Oh, wait. What is this message on the screen of my phone? Fallout Shelter is now available on Android? I best give it a quick play and carry on with the day. No, no, no, so much no. If I could only engage the services of Cher and turn back time. What was meant to be a quick play ended up being a ...[Read More]

The trailers you have to see from Gamescom

– Tom Heath I love trailers. We know this. And during events such as E3 and Gamescom there are often so many new trailers it’s hard to see all the great ones. So here I am, telling you the ones I think you should have seen, aside from the ones we’ve already mentioned. Why? Because they’re awesome and SHUT UP, THAT’S WHY. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Somehow, d...[Read More]

Is it time we crossed the platform divide?

– Kyle Tander Console wars have been fought ever since multiple gaming platforms have been in existence. These wars are fueled by the fact that two people can’t buy the same game, made by the same developer and play it with or against friends on a competing platform. Imagine a world where console wars could be settled in competitive modes of Call of Duty, Battlefield or Evolve. Imagine...[Read More]

Beware the badman: A knight to forget

– Tim Sujak Let me take you back to a simpler time, if I may – one full of hope and wonder. THE TIME OF ROUGHLY Two Months Ago… My friend Rob had just bought his nuclear-powered, mammoth gaming rig – a PC so powerful, it could run S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl AND Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines simultaneously, unpatched, 100% vanilla and bug-free on the sa...[Read More]

Battlefield 4: Just when I thought I was out

– Charlie Braithwaite It had been almost a year since I played Battlefield 4. Yet, with the birthing of a new PC, I decided it was time to dust off my rage face and give it another shot. Coming out of retirement with a game can end pretty horribly. Especially when you find out the skills you thought you had have withered and died. I’d learned that mistake several times with StarCraft i...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Telltale’s The Walking Dead

  Few games deliver a punch in the feels like Telltale’s The Walking Dead. I once bought the series’ first season as a present for my brother, author Jack Heath, and after allowing time in-between writing his latest masterpieces he sent me this text: Also, spoilers from here on in. That pretty much sums up The Walking Dead. The games are a constant barrage of dread, sadness and ru...[Read More]

DayZ tales: The hunt

– Charlie Braithwaite DayZ holds a special place in my heart, it has ruined friendships, made me fear the living (yes, if you get that reference pat yourself on the back) and absorbed hours of my life. This particular tale takes the form of a random encounter with several players including the lowliest dickbag I have  encountered in Chernarus. It all started by the firehouse in Cherno. I was...[Read More]

Trial By Combat: STARWHAL

– Charlie Braithwaite After being well and truly shamed and collapsing into a pile of swear words in our last Trial By Combat I needed to calculate my revenge.  Through studying Tom’s every movement since our friendship began, I deduced he would suck at STARWHAL, the space narwhal combat simulator. Like a true gentleman I took to Twitter to issue the challenge: @clbraith@StarwhalGame I...[Read More]

Where Five Nights at Freddy’s lost its way

– Tom Heath When it comes to horror games, I’m a complete wuss who somehow manages to occasionally step up to the plate and conquer them. I’m like the timid person in the movies who always manages to be the last one alive and defeats the monster/axe-murderer/alien/stalking-sex-demon. I usually find the games balls-shrivellingly terrifying, but I push through and make it out the o...[Read More]

How to build a new PC: An unhelpful guide

– Charlie Braithwaite My old computer was reliable, it could send emails, hell it could even receive emails. But when it came to games it could just about run StarCraft and DayZ, but was falling short on new releases. So it was time to embark on that exciting/tedious journey of building a new computer. And by build I mean drink beer and watch Alfred do it. Now I am referring to a friend of m...[Read More]

My night of speed dating pugs

– Charlie Braithwaite Ever wanted to speed date a bunch of pugs? If you answered yes, you should download Hot Date immediately. The premise is simple, you are at a speed dating event for dogs where you meet a series of talking pugs. My night started pleasantly, I spoke to three different pugs, Doris, Wednesday and Thelma. What started as an interesting social experiment, turned weirdly sexua...[Read More]

Men who abuse women in games are literally losers

– Charlie Braithwaite Certain levels of trash talking are okay, telling your team you are king before pulling a Leeroy Jenkins is perfectly acceptable. What isn’t cool is when people get personal with their insults. I’m sure many of you have experienced the pain involved when a bunch of preteens are trying to sound cool by picking on female gamers. “Get back in the kitchen....[Read More]

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