Whoops, looks like Outlast 2 has been edited after all

I was super shocked and excited to learn this morning that Outlast 2 had been reclassified to R18+ in Australia, both because it was a surprise and also because it marked the second time I’d written a think piece about our classification system’s issues and it being followed by a positive change (the first time being GTA V being slightly reclassified soon after a 2015 article I wrote f...[Read More]

Destiny 2 leaked poster, release date, beta and PS exclusive content

Multiple images of a retail poster for Destiny 2 have supposedly leaked from Italian Gamestops, showcasing a somewhat revamped art style, Beta entrance for preorders, as well as a release date of September 8th. There are multiple sources confirming it’s real from Kotaku and Eurogamer. Kotaku also reports that its sources state Destiny 2 is coming to PC, will have a June beta and the official...[Read More]

Outlast 2 has now been given a rating in Australia

After some controversy and just a couple of opinions being thrown around, Outlast 2 has been given an R rating in Australia and will release on April 26th as planned. The previously offending scene will still be included UPDATE: The game has been edited to accommodate the R18+, potentially worldwide. Developer Red Barrels told Press Start Australia, “Outlast 2 has been rated R18+ by the Classifica...[Read More]

The reason Outlast 2 was refused classification makes sense

Okay, maybe I was a bit quick to jump the gun with slamming the Australian Classification Board earlier today. After it came to light that Outlast 2 was refused classification, my Jimmies were well and truly rustled. But, maybe in this instance, they were onto something. As reported by Alex Walker over at Kotaku Australia, who received a detailed explanation of the scene that triggered the refusal...[Read More]

Outlast 2 has been refused classification in Australia

Outlast 2, which is due for an April 25th release, has been refused classification by Australia’s Classification Board, despite the introduction of an R rating in 2013. We’ve been here before, so it’s kind of disheartening to keep writing about the issue. The reason the Australian Classification Board gave this time round, according to their site, is because horror game Outlast 2...[Read More]

Why I hope the next Resident Evil game is just like RE7

This article contains spoilers for Resident Evil 7. In a previous article of mine I said I believed Resident Evil 4 to be the best game of the longstanding Resident Evil series. Even throughout most of my initial playthrough of Resident Evil 7, I still believed it. I had mixed feelings about RE7 initially – not as a horror game, however. If I was judging it by its standards as a general horror gam...[Read More]

Here’s a Shadow of War gameplay trailer worthy of Mordor

After a premature listing for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War on the Target website forced Warner Bros to play their hand and drop a cinematic trailer, everyone’s been anticipating the gameplay reveal. Well, today’s the day, because Warner has released some 16 minutes of alpha footage outlining aspects of the improved Nemesis system as well as the game’s siege missions. And while my ...[Read More]

Outlast 2 is coming to make you soil yourself next month

After a disappointing delay last year, Outlast 2 is now closed to being within our grasp. Developer Red Barrels today announced the follow up to their 2013 horror classic is launching digitally worldwide April 25. Better budget for extra laundry powder and water consumption that week, what with all the shitting yourself you’re going to be doing. Red Barrels made the announcement on Twitter t...[Read More]

Destiny 2 coming to PC? + Only character cosmetics to carry forward

Bungie has officially announced that your current Destiny “power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency will not carry forward” into Destiny 2. However, if you’ve reached level 20 and completed the main Black Garden questline your character personalisation will carry onward. This includes your class, race, gender, face, hair, and marking selections. Not much, but it’s something. No...[Read More]

New hero Orisa joins the Overwatch fight

The speculation can stop, the next hero joining the Overwatch line up has been confirmed. Orisa is the sixth tank hero to make the cut, and will have a focus on ranged attacks and protecting teammates. You can check out her origin story here: You may have noticed the prominence of Doomfist in that video, so HOPEFULLY we get to see a playable version of the infamous character soon. Now let’s ...[Read More]

Blizzard tease us with new Overwatch character hype

Overwatch has been one of the most solid multiplayer experiences in a long time, and naturally it has a large following beacuse of this. So it’s not surprising when a new character comes around, Overwatch fans lose their shit. Blizzard have shown a precedent for slowly teasing new characters, like in the Sombra AR debacle. And for a while now there have been whispers that a new character isn...[Read More]

The Shadow of War trailer isn’t early, it arrived precisely when it meant to

So the Shadow of War trailer dropped today, which probably has nothing to do with the leak from yesterday… The sequel to Shadow of Mordor looks to be much like its predecessor, so stupidly not canon that it’s awesome. The plot follows the continued raging against the machine of Gondorian ranger Talion, who shares his undead body with Elf/Wraith Celebrimbor. This time out it looks like ...[Read More]

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