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The Day of the Tentacle Remaster is coming later this month

  Developers Double Fine have announced that their much anticipated remaster of Day of the Tentacle, the 1993 Lucasarts time travel adventure game about a ...[Read More]

IGN ad may have just leaked the release date of Blizzard’s Overwatch

  A possibly major case of “whoops” occurred overnight as some advertisements for Blizzard’s upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch displa...[Read More]

Lionhead Studios to close and Fable Legends cancelled

  Today it was announced that Fable Legends has been cancelled after four years in development, which started back in 2012. It also looks like the beloved ...[Read More]

Love Punks is probably the strangest game you’ll play today

  Created by a group of nine, 10 and 11 year old Aboriginal kids from Roebourne in Western Australia, Love Punks is a collection of surreal stop motion ani...[Read More]

Street Fighter V review: Gets the job done

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. As someone who is generally not that into one-on-one fighting games, I found reviewing Street Fighter V rather tric...[Read More]

Metal Gear Solid fan remake Shadow Moses cancelled

  Remember back in January when we reported on the Metal Gear Solid fan remake Shadow Moses? At the time we joked about the Unreal 4 engine project getting...[Read More]

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD review

Copy supplied by publisher. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the latest Zelda classic to be given the HD treatment, this time for Wii U. Perhaps the mo...[Read More]

Nintendo Direct never ceases to amaze

  Those itching for Nintendo news won’t be disappointed with the latest Nintendo Direct. Featuring presentations from Nintendo heavyweights including...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky June release day announced

  It feels like it has been coming out forever, but Hello Games have now confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be releasing for Playstation 4 on June 21 a...[Read More]

John Boyega wants Star Wars Battlefront to have a campaign

  Star Wars is arguably one of the coolest franchises of all time. For most of us the closest we’ll get to living out our galactic fantasies is throu...[Read More]

In Memorium: XCOM 2

This article contains some very mild spoilers for the story of XCOM 2 We all know how a session of XCOM 2 can be going really well until all of sudden it isn...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 delayed again

  It’s been a very Uncharted 4 heavy week in news with a new story trailer, an open multiplayer weekend announced and now a new release date. Yes, Un...[Read More]

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