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Werewolves Within brings the classic lie to your friends simulator to VR

For those who have never played it, Werewolves is an amazingly dark card game where you get to kill your friends in their sleep and then lie to their face about...[Read More]

Playstation VR price confirmed, launching October 2016

  The Playstation VR event teased by Sony earlier this month took place this morning at the Game Developer’s Conference, and as expected they announc...[Read More]

Game Archive: Yes you too can relive the adventure of getting dysentery

– Karolina Firman Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiago, The Oregon Trail, and Castle of Dr Brain. What do these games have in common besides a ton of nostalg...[Read More]

Xbox planning to support cross network multiplayer, including PS4

  It sounds almost too good to be true, and in a way it kind of is. In a post today on the Xbox Wire, ID@Xbox program director Chris Charla said that in ad...[Read More]

Man and AI robot puts us to shame in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

  Well this is embarrassing. You might remember the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes from when Charlie and I played it last year. For those of you who...[Read More]

Blood Alloy: Reborn review: a tease of things to come

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. Blood Alloy: Reborn sure travelled a rocky road to release. Developed by Suppressive Fire Games, it began in 2013 a...[Read More]

Gunscape review: DIY retro shooter

Reviewed on: PC. Copy supplied by publisher. Gunscape may have caught your attention in recent times, it’s been presented as a customisable retro shooter....[Read More]

PlayStation to salvage Lionhead Studios?

  It was a sad day across Albion when Microsoft announced Lionhead Studios was most likely going to close down. The announcement that sounded the death kne...[Read More]

Hitman’s physical release date shifts to 2017

  The Paris introductory episode for the new Hitman game is out now, marking the first of the six episode digital release plan announced two months ago. Fo...[Read More]

The Division: Have you killed Alex?

  I’ve spent approximately all of the hours playing The Division since it came out on Tuesday, and during that time I must have killed Alex about 2,0...[Read More]

DOOM closed beta begins April 1 in Australia

  Still got your copy of Wolfenstein The New Order kicking around from 2014? If not, you better hope you activated the serial number on the slip inside the...[Read More]

GIVEAWAY Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard on 3DS

  Thanks to the lovely people over at Nintendo we have two keys to give away for Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard on 3DS. To be in the running for a copy li...[Read More]

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