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No Man’s Sky June release day announced

  It feels like it has been coming out forever, but Hello Games have now confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be releasing for Playstation 4 on June 21 a...[Read More]

John Boyega wants Star Wars Battlefront to have a campaign

  Star Wars is arguably one of the coolest franchises of all time. For most of us the closest we’ll get to living out our galactic fantasies is throu...[Read More]

In Memorium: XCOM 2

This article contains some very mild spoilers for the story of XCOM 2 We all know how a session of XCOM 2 can be going really well until all of sudden it isn...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 delayed again

  It’s been a very Uncharted 4 heavy week in news with a new story trailer, an open multiplayer weekend announced and now a new release date. Yes, Un...[Read More]

The Uncharted 4 multiplayer will be live this weekend

Updated to include new release date. The multiplayer mode for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be available for all PS4 owners to download and play from Sa...[Read More]

First 14 minutes of Dark Souls III footage released, escalates quickly

  True to its brutal opening cinematic, Dark Souls III seems to have a pretty brutal introductory area. Well, not immediately, but it gets there. In fact o...[Read More]

Microsoft announces Young Conker for HoloLens

  With all this talk surrounding the price of virtual reality lately, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Microsoft is working on a product called ...[Read More]

Australian pricing of HTC Vive confirmed, shipping May 2016

  Just over a week ago HTC announced the price of the Vive, their upcoming VR headset developed in collaboration with Valve, and it came in at US$799; a fu...[Read More]

Missingo is totally in Pokémon Red and Blue on 3DS

  I can remember clearly when news hit the playground back in the late 90s that a mysterious Pokémon could be found in Red and Blue. This holy grail of con...[Read More]

The Culling alpha: Some time with a game where you shank strangers

  If I were to tell you that there’s a hyped early access game coming to Steam soon, which genre do you think that game would fall under? If you answ...[Read More]

Stephen Curry is so good in real life he has to be a cheat character in NBA 2k16

  I want to preface this piece of news by saying I have little to no knowledge of sports, especially basketball. And I don’t say that to pre-empt som...[Read More]

You can catch Pokémon Sun and Moon late this year

  It’s official, we’ll be getting a new 3DS Pokémon games this year, well asides from that one that should feature Danny Devito’s voice w...[Read More]

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