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The Alien on steroids comes to Mortal Kombat X in 2016

  It’s been nearly six months since footage of the Predator character in Mortal Kombat X leaked on YouTube, but now we have our first solid look at i...[Read More]

Hardware: Rivals review

  You may have read Hardware: Rivals is a lot like Rocket League, and I understand why. Both were free upon release for PSN members and feature cars, but t...[Read More]

David Bowie’s impact on video games

  It still doesn’t feel real that David Bowie is no longer with us. I keep replaying the moment a BBC notification popped up on my phone stating the ...[Read More]

Tom’s most anticipated games of 2016

  I surprised literally nobody with my picks for game of the year 2015. What can I say, I loved Metal Gear Solid V more than most people. But with that bus...[Read More]

CleverPet Hub – the game system for your dog

  CES 2016 has wrapped up in Las Vegas, and it sure wasn’t devoid of weird new pieces of technology. Razer announced a gaming laptop/desktop hybrid, ...[Read More]

Charlie’s most anticipated games of 2016

  We’ve already discussed how 2015 was one of the best years for gaming in recent memory. With the likes of The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, Roc...[Read More]

The first game I refunded on Steam: What’s under your blanket !?

  I didn’t know what to expect when I saw What’s under your blanket !? in the popular new games section on Steam. I certainly shouldn’t h...[Read More]

52 Pocket Mortys have been revealed

  I’m not going to lie, I was very excited when news of Pocket Mortys was unveiled earlier in the week. It looks like it will have the potential to r...[Read More]

Razer’s solution to the gaming laptop vs desktop problem

  Anyone looking to crack into PC gaming have, at some point or other, asked themselves the question “do I get a gaming laptop or desktop computer?&#...[Read More]

Pocket Mortys: Rick and Morty meets Pokémon

  Have you ever watched an episode of Ricky and Morty and thought to yourself, man, this show is similar to Pokémon? Well it turns out that not only is tha...[Read More]

Oculus Rift costs more than $1k AUD

  This day has been a long time coming: the consumer model of the Oculus Rift is available to preorder. Since day one the questions on everyone’s min...[Read More]

I don’t play games: Ilana Charnelle plays Gone Home

“I don’t play games” is a feature series where we have a chat with someone who, obviously, doesn’t play games for a particular reason an...[Read More]

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