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Rainbow 6: Siege review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

– Aaron Birch Bringing a classic franchise back to life for both existing and new audiences is never going to be an easy challenge, especially one that...[Read More]

“Too many Steam sales” Reddit discussion escalates quickly

  The Steam Exploration (essentially US Autumn) Sale has ended, and the countdown to inevitable Christmas one has begun. Now, I thought the timing of the A...[Read More]

The end of Namco’s hold on Loading Screens

-James Orr On November 27th, Namco Bandai’s patent, US5718632 A, finally expired. What’s so important about this patent? It gave Namco ownership over ‘interacti...[Read More]

Robotic Wheatley replica brings Portal character to life

  Portal is up there as one of the best game series ever. It mixes puzzles, humour and dark sci-fi storytelling into one neat little package. Those of you ...[Read More]

Just Cause 3 review: Look at that goat go!

– Aaron Birch Just Cause 3 is the second main game from Avalanche this year, the first being Mad Max, and although both are open world sandboxes, there...[Read More]

300 BoS vs. 30,000 Deathclaws

  We love a good NPC battle in Fallout 4. In fact we have shared some of our favourites since the game launched. This one however takes the cake. And by ca...[Read More]

Is the Battle of Jakku for you?

  The Battle of Jakku DLC arrived for Star Wars Battlefront yesterday. Currently only available for those who preordered, the free DLC will be available fo...[Read More]

Reviewing reviews: Critics and crowds, aligned or not

– Axdsilva Opinions about video games are only rivalled by the opinions we have about the players (HAX! HAX! You know who are). Critics in particular can ...[Read More]

New Xbox One experience: (Almost) everything we hoped for

– James Orr The New Xbox One Experience is here, and after spending some time with it we can say that it’s definitely been for the better. First is of cou...[Read More]

Metal Gear Solid V wants to achieve world peace

  If I can draw your attention away from the beautiful apocalypse that is Fallout 4, or bring you forward in time from the galaxy far, far away, I’d ...[Read More]

Fallout 4: snapshots from the wasteland 3

  While reviewing Fallout 4, I quite enjoyed it by the way, I took a fair few screenshots to use in the piece. I only used a few of them in the final piece...[Read More]

Those indie games you might have missed: Titan Souls

– Simon Vallenet Since its first appearance at the Ludum Dare Game Jam in 2013, Titan Souls has always been categorised as an indie/2D version of Shadow o...[Read More]

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