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Fallout 4: Snapshots from the wasteland

  When a Raider is trying to separate your head from your neck it can be easy to forget to take in the scenery  in Fallout 4. Don’t worry if you̵...[Read More]

Fallout 4: War sometimes changes

  Since spare time is a long forgotten memory and everybody here at LoadScreen has been lost in the wasteland of Boston, we thought we’d take a littl...[Read More]

The Steam Machine sale is unbelievable

  The Steam Machine may be dividing gamers on whether it’s worth purchasing, but what is undeniably great about the launch of Valve’s new gamin...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Black Ops III review

– Nick Palmisano “We monitor many frequencies. We listen always. Came a voice, out of the babel of tongues, speaking to us. It played us a mighty dub.” – ...[Read More]

In Memoriam: SOMA – alone, so alone…

  I didn’t get much sleep last night. Not because it was the night before Fallout 4, although I’m very much pumped for that, but because I had ...[Read More]

Best free games you can find on Steam

  – Karolina Firman Sometimes you want to play a good game, but you don’t have the money, or enough caps, to buy the game you want. Luckily the...[Read More]

“Who cares about female protagonists?”

  The title of this article was inspired by a panel at PAX Australia by the same name, which I sadly missed. Regardless, the topic is an interesting one, a...[Read More]

Rise of the Tomb Raider review: Lara Croft gets real

As with all our reviews we strive to keep this article as spoiler free as possible, but there will be some information those who are ultra sensitive to spoilers...[Read More]

When Rockstar came out to play

– Nicholas Payne It has been 10 years since Rockstar Toronto released one of the greatest film-to-game adaptations of all time with 2005’s The Warriors. B...[Read More]

Black Ops III: You’re the bad guy

This article features SPOILERS, if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, turn back now! Also to be clear this isn’t the LoadScreen review, expect ...[Read More]

Rebootiful: Gaming’s best reboots

– James Orr We’ve covered the games that were able to remake the charm of their originals, now let’s look at the games that relaunched and revitalised the...[Read More]

Bethesda’s Fallout tactics

– Nicholas Payne In less than three days we’ll find out whether casual gamers have succeeded in killing the traditional RPG. The Fallout series has gotten...[Read More]

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