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Need For Speed reinvented

Will the new Need For Speed reinvent the formula?

Will Allison Road be the rebirth of survival horror?

– Karly Taylor There’s no denying that the cancellation of the insanely popular P.T. demo has left something of a void in our little horror gamer he...[Read More]

The story of Michelle Sanders, Fallout Shelter

– Tom Heath We all know that Fallout Shelter is the destroyer of lives. Since it came out on Android last week I have been sporadically playing it, but so...[Read More]

Goat Simulator: Game of the Year

– Karly Taylor Now you might be wondering about the headline, and so I feel the need to clear it up rather early. No, to my knowledge, Goat Simulator is n...[Read More]

Polybridge: How to commit mass bridge murder

– Charlie Braithwaite I’m not good at a lot of things. Up the top of that list is basic math and structural engineering. Maybe it’s the latter...[Read More]

Darth Vader themed PlayStation announced

– Charlie Braithwaite “I am altering the PlayStation… Pray I don’t alter it any further.”- Darth Vader… probably.   Tod...[Read More]

In defence of ‘Walking Sims”

– Tom Heath Last week, developer The Chinese Room released Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture on PS4. Set in an empty English village, players explore ...[Read More]

E-Sports: Doping dramas

– Kyle Tander E-Sports brings together some of the best competitive gamers from around the world with millions of dollars up for grabs for whoever wins, a...[Read More]

Fallout Shelter has ruined my life

– Charlie Braithwaite I had just woken up, it was 9am, time to get out of bed and start writing. Oh, wait. What is this message on the screen of my phone?...[Read More]

Nine hours in, Twitch still hasn’t left Dark Souls tutorial

– Tom Heath Video game streaming service Twitch has attempted to play many games via its collaborative play system. Just recently, they completed the orig...[Read More]

CS:GO pros can no longer smoke the reefer

– Charlie Braithwaite Professional Counter Strike and Heroes of the Storm players will no longer be able to smoke up and compete. New rules by the ESL sta...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 Remake confirmed in development

– Tom Heath Rejoice Resident Evil 2 fans, for we will soon be able to wonder “what is going on in this town?” moments before the inevitable se...[Read More]

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