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These Rocket League goals are next level

– Charlie Braithwaite There are a few things in this world that are as mesmerising as they are depressing. Watching your rabbit chew through your record c...[Read More]

Nominees for Gamescom 2015 awards announced

– Tom Heath With Gamescom 2015 taking place this coming weekend, it is therefore the time for the nominees for the Gamescom 2015 awards to be revealed. Ma...[Read More]

PlayStation Vote to Play: Making it rain free games

– Charlie Braithwaite PlayStation are bringing a Vote to Play system to PS Plus. This system will allow Plus members to vote on unreleased PlayStation 4 g...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Telltale’s The Walking Dead

  Few games deliver a punch in the feels like Telltale’s The Walking Dead. I once bought the series’ first season as a present for my brother, ...[Read More]

DayZ tales: The hunt

– Charlie Braithwaite DayZ holds a special place in my heart, it has ruined friendships, made me fear the living (yes, if you get that reference pat yours...[Read More]

Team 17 reveals new Worms games

– Tom Heath Jeepers, Team 17 are still making Worms games! There have been 26 Worms games released since the original in 1995, and suddenly I feel really ...[Read More]

ZombiU for PS4, Xbox One and PC releases next month

– Tom Heath The problem with working the name of a console into the title of a game exclusive to said console is that it becomes pretty awkward when you s...[Read More]

Trial By Combat: STARWHAL

– Charlie Braithwaite After being well and truly shamed and collapsing into a pile of swear words in our last Trial By Combat I needed to calculate my rev...[Read More]

Headless army shoot-out in Red Dead Redemption

– Tom Heath Video games contain glitches. Sometimes these glitches make for entertaining romps as a goat who blows up a petrol station. Others turn sensua...[Read More]

For a short time only you can try Star Citizen for free

– Charlie Braithwaite Are you keen to enlist in a huge space opera of a game? Well Star Citizen looks like it could worth watching when it comes to the ne...[Read More]

Rad Road Rally: Micro Machines nostalgia

– Charlie Braithwaite The face of gaming has changed a lot since the early 90s. If like me you grew up playing games like Micro Machines, at least part of...[Read More]

Where Five Nights at Freddy’s lost its way

– Tom Heath When it comes to horror games, I’m a complete wuss who somehow manages to occasionally step up to the plate and conquer them. I’m ...[Read More]

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