Reviewed on PS4, copy supplied by publisher.  It’s become all too common for publishers to take the easy route and remaster everything in their back-catalogue to make a quick buck. Sometimes, this may not be out of laziness, but is instead the result of the fan base demanding it, such as the recent re-release Skyrim, or the older release of games like Dark Souls II (still waiting for Dark So...[Read More]

If you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be playing around with something like Playstation VR in my own living room, I would have laughed at you before going back to dancing to Fergalicious. But here we are: I, a regular person of modest income, have a virtual reality set in my home. 17 year old me was an idiot. 2016 has seen virtual reality come into people’s homes, but until now ...[Read More]

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. I’ve been playing the WWE games for years, and as a big fan of the series I, like so many, have also become somewhat disappointed in each year’s promise of new engines and radical new features, only to be given yet another lazy touch up. In fact, after the terribly streamlined and gutted WWE 2K15, I opted to skip last year’s...[Read More]

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. Crystal Dynamics’ managed to do something very rare with its reboot of one of the most beloved series of all time. It’s 2013 Tomb Raider not only managed to reboot the series with a very successful, gritty and more realistic design for Lara Croft, but it managed to do this whilst also delivering a great game in the process. The re...[Read More]

Reviewed on Xbox One. Copy supplied by publisher. Drink some protein shakes, dust off your chainsaw and strap a car chassis to yourself, we’re heading to planet Sera. It’s been five years since we last checked in on Marcus Fenix and friends in a core Gears of War title, and a lot has changed in that time. The latest offering, Gears of War 4, takes place 25 years after Gears 3, putting ...[Read More]

Reviewed on Xbox One. Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is the third iteration of developer The Chinese Room’s walking simulator, considered to be the first of the genre, and is the first time it has been released on consoles. Games like Gone Home, The Stanley Parable, and Firewatch all have their roots in Dear Esther, but most importantly of all, these games expanded upon what Dear Esther accomplishe...[Read More]

Reviewed on PS4. Copy supplied by publisher.  You’re stood still, sweat dripping from your brow. Your hand bears the bruises of gripping your trusty baseball bat too hard, and your only remaining bullet is the one you’re saving for the inevitable should the worst happen. Ahead of you in the local game store they wait, hundreds of them. Filling up the room, greatly outnumbering the othe...[Read More]

The following review contains spoilers for FIFA 17’s new story mode, so if you’re the sort of person who will be upset by having FIFA spoiled for them, take a long hard look in the mirror. FIFA 17 is simultaneously one of the least ambitious FIFA games we’ve seen in a while and the most ambitious. Does that make sense? No? Let it happen. The core gameplay doesn’t depart too...[Read More]

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. The original BioShock, for me, is one of those games that can never be praised enough. Although at heart it hasn’t actually done anything radically new, being as it is a spiritual successor to the simply stunning and objectively superior System Shock 1 and 2, it took the core ideas of the sci-fi series and twisted it into one of them mo...[Read More]

Reviewed on PS4. Copy Supplied by publisher. I really wanted to enjoy Jotun, but to reach that point I had to admit something to myself, one dark secret, I deeply deeply suck at it. I nearly gave up on the game several times during my play through. On paper the stylistic hand drawn action adventure game is fascinating, the art is beyond amazing, the Norse setting compelling, the music faultless an...[Read More]

Reviewed on: Playstation 4. Copy supplied by publisher. Bungie’s divisive online shooter, Destiny, has its fair share of critics, with even hardcore players solidly invested in the sci-fi epic often bemoaning the game’s shortcomings. This was no more apparent than the game’s very shaky first year, in which many of the mechanics were shoddy, and the general content was bland and u...[Read More]

Reviewed on Xbox One. Copy supplied by publisher.  I admit it; I’m not a huge fan of racing games as I’m generally terrible at them. Typically, I’ll lose interest before I can develop any skill. I have dabbled in racing simulators over the years, including a few titles in the main Forza series, but Forza Horizon 3 is the first open-world racing sim that I’ve played and stuck with. The main story i...[Read More]

Batman Arkham Knight: A Short affair with the Batgirl DLC

– Charlie Braithwaite The best analogy for Batman: Arkham Knight’s first DLC offering is that of an Easter egg, no not a cheeky little DC universe surprise, but an actual chocolate egg. Looks good, tastes okay, but my god is it hollow. Naturally minor spoilers for all of the Arkham games/the new DLC lie ahead. Enter at your own peril. As we have discussed A Matter of Family had the pot...[Read More] or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the blob

– Dominic Powell Having just finished last semesters exams, is like an old friend. An old friend that lures you into their house with promises like ‘you can do that essay in 12 hours, don’t even worry about it!’ has got to be the best procrastination game I’ve ever played. To the untrained eye, looks like a bunch of different sized, different c...[Read More]

Rocket League: Destruction derby meets football

– Luke Chandler If you’re the sort of person who usually sits in front of a screen in a darkened room, chances are you’ve seen the name Rocket League pop up on various online publications and message boards. The game has generated a large amount of hype, fueled by a dedicated fan base. I am not really a fan of sports games, so when I first heard of Rocket League, It didn’t seem l...[Read More]

Batman: Arkham Knight review

– Tom Heath I’m Batman… This thought ran through my mind as I stood perched atop a fire escape railing, the cold Gotham rain pelting my billowing cape, watching a group of thugs exchanging banter. They had no idea I was there; they had no idea they were prey. I scanned the group. Two thugs held assault rifles, one was big and muscular, the last held a club. Using my distruptor ri...[Read More]

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