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Dota 2 TI6 team spotlight: Escape Gaming

– Francesco Puglisi Here we are with another Wildcard tournament team, this time coming from the European qualifier: Escape gaming. Escape Gaming is a new eSport organisation founded in March 2016 and it’s starting to support teams in Dota 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone. In June 2016 Escape signed the recently formed independent team No Diggity, which didn’t manage to achieve any significant...[Read More]

Dota 2 TI6 team spotlight: compLexity Gaming

– Francesco Puglisi The International 2016 starts in a few days in Seattle, where the best 16 teams in the world are going to battle it out for the highest prize pool in the history of eSports, slightly more than US$18.5 million. To put things into perspective, the Super Bowl dishes out a meagre $8.5M and the baseball World Series $8M, while the Wimbledon tennis tournament allocated around $11M fo...[Read More]

Starladder i-League Starseries Season 2: Na’Vi is finally back

– Francesco Puglisi The last premiere tournament of the season before The International 6 just drew to an end with a banging upset: Na’Vi is back and they are not fooling around. For the ones who have not being following the Dota 2 pro scene too closely, Na’Vi is definitely one of the most famous and cheered for teams in the world. The Ukrainian squad grew to fame in 2011, when they won the ...[Read More]

Valve sends cease and desists to CS:GO gambling sites

For a company renowned for having a loose definition of the term “soon”, see the much studied phenomenon of “Valve Time”, Valve has made a quick turn around with regards to responding to this whole Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling mess. Last week, Valve said they were going “start sending notices to [CS:GO skin gambling sites] requesting they cease operations...[Read More]

StarCraft: Learning curve torture

– Charlie Braithwaite I’ve written before about how gaming with friends isn’t always a good experience. So, yeah, pretty much that again… but StarCraft II and its disgusting learning curve. For the uninitiated StarCraft seems like an easily accessible strategy game. Anyone who grew up playing Age of Empires may look at the mechanics and think they could pick up the game and...[Read More]

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