Enter the Gungeon

A brief Enter the Gungeon Nintendo Switch review: Gun running on the go

Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch Despite the Nintendo Switch having gone from strength to strength this year, with the exception of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, there hasn’t really been many roguelikes on the system, which is kind of weird considering how well-suited they are for short play sessions on the go. However, one of 2016’s best roguelikes, Enter the Gungeon, has just arrived on the syst...[Read More]

A brief Enter the Gungeon Xbox One review: Still got it

Reviewed on Xbox One, copy supplied by publisher.  Enter the Gungeon was a critical success when released on PC and PS4 in 2016, it even made my top three games of the year list. Well, good news for Xbox One players who may have missed out, the dodge rolling bullet fest is now on Xbox One, and it’s still just as good. I won’t go balls to the wall with detail here, as the initial review...[Read More]

Charlie’s top three games of 2016

We’re well over a year into doing the whole independent game site thing, and I must say… I’ve played a fuck load of games in that time. Disgusting amounts in fact, and it’s as great as it is daunting. I mean, yeah on paper playing games all day sounds great, but sometimes we have to play games that really suck, and we have to play them long enough to form a justifiable opin...[Read More]

Enter the Gungeon review: Brutally cute

Reviewed on: PC. Also available on PS4, Mac and Linux. Enter the Gungeon may look like a cutesy retro style game with a weird name, but it’s so so so much more than that. A rogue like dungeon crawler filled with gun motifs, this game is one that’s more than worth checking out, but be warned it’s addictive and you will die LOTS. You might be wondering why my review for this is com...[Read More]

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