Sea of Thieves lets you weaponize vomit

Forget cutlasses, cannons and pistols – it’s all about buckets of vomit when it comes to pirate warfare. Over the past few days I’ve been sailing around the world of Sea of Thieves, throwing stomach pulp on people. I’ll break this majestic move down for you; if you smash back a couple tankards of grog in Sea of Thieves you’ll start to go a bit woozy. Eventually after getting some...[Read More]

Microsoft announces Young Conker for HoloLens

  With all this talk surrounding the price of virtual reality lately, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Microsoft is working on a product called HoloLens which is based around an entirely different kind of experience: augmented reality. For the uninitiated, augmented reality (AR) is the idea of using a headset designed to present digital images overlayed onto a real-life location ra...[Read More]

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