Why the PS4K is incredibly troubling news

  Yesterday we reported on the rumours going around that a new kind of Playstation 4, dubbed the PS4K or PS4.5, is on the way. The reports have been multiplying over the past few weeks, to the point where many outlets are saying the new console’s existence is pretty much an absolute certainty, and presenting games and media at 4K resolutions (3840×2160) will be a major feature. It ...[Read More]

A Playstation 4K might be launching this year

-James Orr According to The Know the rumoured PlayStation 4K (also known as the PlayStation 4.5) reported by Kotaku, The Wall Street Journal and Eurogamer, is not only real but will be launching this year. The PS4K will run games and other media at, you guessed it, a 4K (3840 X 2160 pixels) output, which is essentially four times larger than the current console standard of 1080p (1920 X 1080). The...[Read More]

Signed 20th Anniversary PS4 to be auctioned for charity

  If you were lucky enough to score one the 12,300 20th Anniversary Playstation 4’s when they released a year or so ago, congratulations on being the envy of every classic Playstation fan. Now stop rubbing it in our faces. All hope is not lost for the rest of us though, because Sony is holding an auction for one of the PS1 inspired systems to raise money for their charity You Can, which...[Read More]

Playstation VR price confirmed, launching October 2016

  The Playstation VR event teased by Sony earlier this month took place this morning at the Game Developer’s Conference, and as expected they announced the pricing and release window of the much anticipated headset. As predicted, the unit will cost the same as the PS4 did at launch, AUD$549.95 (US$399). It is due to launch in October 2016. The $549.95 package includes the PSVR headest (...[Read More]

Xbox planning to support cross network multiplayer, including PS4

  It sounds almost too good to be true, and in a way it kind of is. In a post today on the Xbox Wire, ID@Xbox program director Chris Charla said that in addition to supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10, Microsoft will allow developers to implement cross-network play as well. This means Microsoft are open to allowing Xbox One and Windows 10 players to play with/agains...[Read More]

VR race heats up as Sony announces Playstation VR event

  Virtual Reality has been a hot topic in the first two months of 2016 as the commercial release of the technology draws ever nearer. First Oculus announced the price of the Rift when preorders went live in January, coming in at a whopping $AUD1104 including shipping (base price $US599). Then earlier this week, HTC revealed their Vive VR headset will cost a similar amount of $US799 ($AUD1110)...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky release date revealed

Playstation held a conference in Paris overnight, and they revealed a whole heap of information for some of their most anticipated titles. There were many things to get us excited, but arguably one of the biggest announcements was the release window for No Man’s Sky, the universe sized space exploration game that designed itself. The game will be launching on PS4 in June 2016, and developer ...[Read More]

Custom faceplates coming to PS4

If you are getting tired of your black or white PS4 you can now change things up by getting a custom look for your console with PlayStation’s new range of faceplates. There are four colours available, including neon orange, aqua blue, red and glacier white. Silver and gold will be available for European gamers, but will unfortunately not be for sale in Australia. The plates can be fitted by ...[Read More]

PlayStation 4 drops price in Australia

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced that the PlayStation 4 500GB console will drop from $549.95AUD to a recommended retail price of $479.95 including GST in Australia. Unsurprisingly the move is coming just in time for Christmas and ahead of the launch of some huge titles, including Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. This move will bring the Ps4...[Read More]

Crash Bandicoot cartoon uncovered; beware: it’s catchy

– Tom Heath Crash Bandicoot was my very first Playstation game way back when I was around six years old. That wacky children’s adventure full of science puns and very loose Australia references was the first Playstation game from Naughty Dog, who you may recall has gone on to create Playstation exclusives like the Uncharted franchise and The Last of Us. So yeah, pretty humble beginning...[Read More]

Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle coming to Australia

– Charlie Braithwaite A limited edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle will be available from JB Hi-Fi and EB games in Australia, with a retail price of $569.95. The bundle will be released September 15th. See images of the bundle below, it looks perfect for maintaining a Destiny addiction: For more gaming news follow LoadScreen on twitter here: @load_screen and don’t forget to lik...[Read More]

Uncharted 4’s extended gameplay trailer released, ups it to 11

– Tom Heath Despite a slight technical hitch during its E3 presentation this year, a hitch that some might argue actually made the game look better given it proved someone was actually PLAYING the demo, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was a highlight of the Sony conference. It featured ridiculous graphics (that hopefully make it to the retail version, we’ve been burned before),  the s...[Read More]

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