LoadScreen’s E3 highlights

– Charlie Braithwaite

Merry hype-mas everyone. So far E3 has been distracting a lot of people from work and making wallets preemptively weep all over the world. So without delay, let’s have a glimpse at our E3 highlights so far.

The Last Guardian


No wonder Sony kicked off their conference with this, the game has been in development since 2007 and was rumoured to have been mothballed last year. What did we learn from the new video? Well it looks nice, there’s a giant bird-dog, you jump on rubble and yell in Japanese, we’ll take 10 copies please.

Xbox One Early Access


You know how great it is playing semi-complete totally original survival games with looting and crafting systems on Steam? Well now you can do that on a console! No, we shouldn’t be cynical, this is big news. It will be interesting to see how far this concept goes. Also, it is totally available soon. As in, today soon. So that’s a thing. We will definitely be checking Elite: Dangerous out on console.

The first games announced for early access are:

Day Z
Elite: Dangerous
The Long Dark

Star Wars Battlefront


Pew pewpew pew. It’s next gen Star Wars, it will sell a Falcon load of copies. It also looks well put together and has enough nostalgia pumped into it to choke a Hutt. Considering how mind numbingly addictive the first two iterations were, we have high hopes for this title.

No Man’s Sky


This game was perhaps one of the most promising reveals from last year’s E3. But how far has it progressed? Well the concept still looks amazing, but the gameplay shown today was disappointingly underwhelming compared to last year. It would have been nice to see a scripted planet to be honest, the one the presenter randomly landed on was fairly bland. More space combat would have been cool too. The guy that presented the gameplay really sounded like Ramsay Bolton, so maybe it will have some flaying. Boltons and underwhelming aside, this still looks like a stellar title. Yes, that was intentional.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Prepare your cyber Goldblum’s… robot dinosaurs. From what was shown this is a conceptually adventurous game that looks stunning. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has reverted back to tribes. There are also a shit load of robotic dinosaurs that you hunt with a bow and large sci-fi looking guns. Oh, and the protagonist is a grown up version of that girl from Brave.* Will this make a good game? Maybe! Although, The Order was another third person game with a strong concept… and that didn’t exactly turn out well. It will be interesting to see how this game fleshes out in the future and whether the concept is strong enough to make it a classic.

 *disclaimer… it totally isn’t.

Batman Arkham Knight


*Spoilers ahead for the peasants who haven’t finished Arkham City yet*
Are you kidding with this? What a brilliantly messed up and powerful way to get people hyped for Arkham Knight shortly before release. It started with the Joker having flames surround his body and ended with a f!@#ed up Scarecrow hallucination. HOOK IT TO MY VEINS.

Final Fantasy VII remake


Photo courtesy of Micael Faccio via Flickr



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