Let’s talk about the Nintendo puppets


– Charlie Braithwaite

Some things occur in this universe that are completely unpredictable. Have you ever seen something some eye-wateringly insane you just could not comprehend it?

If you answered no, then perhaps you haven’t seen a puppet version of Nintendo President of America, Reggie Fils-Aime declaring “my puppet body is ready.”

Ready for what exactly?

Well… E3, but also punching logic right in the dick with his exceedingly long puppet arms.

Here is the video, to watch at your discretion.

*Potentially NSFW considering the reaction of the muppet that walks into Satoru Iwata’s office, what was he doing in there?*

In all fairness though… seeing Miyamoto as a puppet makes more sense, he suits that form way too well. They must have spent some time getting those forehead creases perfect.

Do a barrell roll out of my nightmares and into my Wii U, creepy puppet Star Fox.

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