Tom Clancy’s The Division release date announced


– Tom Heath

The long delayed Tom Clancy’s The Division has been given a release date in a new trailer released by publisher Ubisoft.

Looks like early 2016 is going to be pretty full of AAA releases, with Division’s March 8 release date joining the likes of The Last Guardian, DOOM and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst who have all advertised a similar release window.

The trailer also delves a little into the story behind the game, detailing a post-apocalyptic city scape following an outbreak from a “weaponised virus”. Though that little detail just screams “zombie apocalypse plot”, this isn’t the case. The game is shaping up to be very much like more recent zombie survival games, such as Day Z and State of Decay, that feature elements of scavenging supplies and protecting your own against other players with brutal intensity. The Division is a third-person online game, where players can team up and survive together in groups but also be weary of other factions.

And finally, the trailer also announces a public beta test for the game kicking off in December on Xbox One (coming to PS4 and PC in early 2016). Players can take part in the beta by either preordering the game to get a code or by signing up to a waiting list here.



The Division hasn’t really been on my radar, but I am liking what I hear about it. It feels very much like Day Z minus the zombies, and for me that is either a great thing or a terrible thing. Day Z is a lot of fun, but only when you’ve found yourself some supplies/weapons, and then come across other players. The tension in those moments are unforgettable, but unfortunately the decent loot is so scarce and other players so infrequent in Day Z these days that those moments are few and far between. It’s shown me the game is actually really monotonous and boring when you’re running around a desolate landscape, with no food, weapons or ANYTHING TO DO until you happen to stumble across a person or something useful.

Hopefully The Division won’t fall into the same trap…


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