Batman: Arkham Knight collectors edition cancelled ahead of next week’s launch


– Tom Heath

BAK-Batmobile-Edition_1920Warner Bros has confirmed that the Batmobile Edition of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight has been cancelled ahead of its release next week. Kotaku reports that an email sent by EB Games (the retailer the edition was exclusive to) said due to “unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of the Batmobile Edition,” Warner have cancelled the product globally and will be unable to fulfil pre-orders.

EB Games are offering a recourse to those who are affected by the cancellation, giving them three options:

1. Customers can transfer their pre-orders to the Special Edition of the game at a discounted price ($87 down from RRP$109.95)

2. Transfer their pre-order to the standard version of the game.

3. Get a full refund.

The retailer has since removed the edition from their website.

This is sad news for any Batman collectors, as the Arkham Knight Batmobile looks awesome and that statue would have made a great collectible.

It is unclear as to whether this situation has affected the release of the other collectors edition of Arkham Knight, which features a memorial-esque statue of Batman himself. We have reached out to Warner Bros and will update this story if/when they reply.

Batman: Arkham Knight is due to release on June 24 in Australia.


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