Everything we know about Batman: Arkham Knight


– Tom Heath

With a little over 24 hours to go before the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, we thought we’d take a look at what to expect from the game, and what we hope to expect from it, before we get our hands on it and review it later this week. I’ll be honest, I’m very excited for this game, but everything I have to say here is based upon already released information and my experience playing the previous games. The final ruling will come once I play in come June 24.

Gotham is mine…


Rocksteady games have finally opened up the Arkham series into Gotham City. The previous titles took place in Arkham Asylum and a cordoned off section of Gotham referred to as “Arkham City”, both of which were jammed full of criminals and lunatics. Arkham Knight is set to feature the entirety of Gotham City under attack by the Rogue’s Gallery (pretty much all of Batman’s villains), with Rocksteady boasting Gotham will be five times larger than Arkham City.

Larger world maps can sometimes come with the issue of being tedious to traverse between mission markers, but if previous Arkham games are anything to go by, flying around as Batman will never get old. Here’s hoping the full Gotham City will stand out against the likes of Arkham City and Arkham Asylum by looking less like a loony bin and more like a place people would have lived in. I mean, aside from the awesome prospect of living in the same city as Batman! That’s just a given.

The story…


Following the end of Arkham City, a certain villain is no longer with us, so that means that another one must take up the mantle of Batman’s arch-nemesis. Rocksteady have decided that that challenger would be none other than Jonathon Crane, AKA Scarecrow. Noticeably absent from Arkham City, Scarecrow was an unforgettable part of the original Arkham Asylum. The sections of the game where he would poison Batman with his nightmare gas, thereby inducing horrific visions and even going to far as to fake a console crash, were spine chilling.

But where has he been since then? What horrors has he been scheming? All we know is that he’s garnered the support of the likes of Two Face, Penguin, Riddler and Poison Ivy in plunging Gotham into chaos. But he also has one other ally up his sleeve: the titular Arkham Knight.

Little is known about this guy, only that he is supposed to be Batman: Military Edition. Ever since his reveal the internet has been rife with speculation as to what his identity is. Rocksteady claim he is an original villain, but many are convinced he is someone from the Batman comics in disguise. The leading theory for a while was that the Arkham Knight is secretly the villain Hush, who was alluded to in a side quest in Arkham City.

Will his identity be a huge plot twist? I don’t see why it would be, given most of the villains from Batman have been used in some way in the games so there isn’t really anyone left that would come as a surprise were they hiding beneath that mask. Regardless, I am keen to meet the Arkham Knight because I find the best part of Batman is his villains, and hopefully this “brand new” one is no exception.

To the Batmobile!


The Batmobile is going to be an interesting addition to the dynamics of this game, where Batman has previously relied on his fists and gadgets to defeat his enemies. Now, we can drift through the streets and blast rounds from a cannon, which seems to pose huge risks for Batman’s “no killing” policy. Trailers have shown the Batmobile blasting cars off the road, so unless he’s rigged up some kind of death-repellent-Bat-Spray into his cannon rounds, he’s definitely killing people.

Perhaps that is a twist on the tone of the game? Batman is going to war after all, as the Rogue’s Gallery tear Gotham apart. Maybe he must break his one rule in order to stop them? That could be interesting angle, even if it is a HUGE departure from everything the character stands for.

Not long now…

There is so much more about this game to be excited for, but as with any hyped game we must go in with an open mind. The above has been what I am hoping for/speculating about the game, but the actual thing could differ. You can find out if that is the case when I play the game and have a review up later this week.

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