In Memoriam: Red Dead Redemption

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-Charlie Braithwaite

In this new LoadScreen series we will be paying tribute to the game characters who didn’t Mario it out of their game and slide down a flag pole to victory.

This article contains all the spoilers, because of course it does. If you don’t want to know who shuffled off their mortal coil in Red Dead Redemption please don’t read anymore.

Scroll past this picture of me contemplating video game life and death to reveal the spoilers.


Red Dead Redemption was arguably the greatest Western game ever made, it was essentially a Clint Eastwood fever dream. It had an intoxicating balance between dragging people behind horses, robbing banks, casual racism and fist fighting bears.

The game was an amazing example of a sandbox. You could do pretty much anything. Feel like tying up a damsel in distress and leaving her on some train tracks? Yup,  you could do that. Feel like being poisoned by a snake? Sure, go for it. How about spending hours flying planes? No, no you could not do that in a turn of the century Western game, idiot.

Not to mention some of the random encounters you would experience whilst roaming the lands. I’m sure they could make up an article all to themselves, but not today, today we’re here to honour the dead.

John Marston’s story arc had its ups and downs, a majority of it was highly immersive, but other aspects were dull, like when the game shifted into a farm simulator near the end.

Regardless of how invested you were in saving the Marston family /farming, John was a very cool character. He was the protagonist, you took control of him and explored the unforgiving map through his eyes and gristly facial hair.


If you hadn’t already picked up on the tense, or you somehow didn’t read the title of the article, John sadly doesn’t make it to the end credits. He is mowed down by a flurry of bullets in one last attempt for redemption and… holy shit Red Dead REDEMPTION, I get it now.

John died as he lived, slowly picking out targets impossibly breaking the laws of physics. At least his annoying and less interesting to control son filled his cowboy boots and let you keep committing buffalo genocide.

RIP John Marston.

Charlie sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and calls John Marston’s name. His fiancé doesn’t like it very much, but that’s between them and their sex therapist. You can follow him on Twitter here @clbraith and be sure to follow LoadScreen @load_screen




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