New PS4 model coming in July


– Tom Heath

18769698998_8f89a422ac_kSony finally confirmed the existence of the rumoured new PS4 model last night, dubbed the “Ultimate Player” edition. The Playstation Blog announced the new system is due to release on July 15 in PAL regions (including Australia) and will boast a 1TB hard drive.

A larger hard drive has been a much asked for upgrade to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, with many games purchased from the online marketplaces and on disc requiring upwards of 30-40GB of space to install. With a 500GB hard drive, which also needs to contain the console’s operating system, many people have found their consoles fill up very quickly.

Rumours of a PS4 model featuring a larger hard drive began surfacing as early as August last year, with new SKU model numbers being reported from retailers. The rumours continued to the beginning of this month, with leaked documents detailing technical specifications of PS4 models that did not match the current retail version. Differences included a 1TB hard drive, less power consumption and being lighter in weight. The Playstation Blog reveal last night does not mention any changes in the weight or power usage of the new system.

Microsoft released an Xbox One model this past November featuring a 1TB hard drive in a special edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle, whereas all other versions contain a 500GB hard drive.

But those of you who already have a console need not worry, both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have options to expand their memory. The Playstation 4 has a removable internal hard drive that can be replaced with one of greater size, whilst the Xbox One is compatible with USB external drives.

The new PS4 is set to cost the same as the current model, with an RRP of $549.95.

Tom once upgraded his PS3 hard drive by himself and he felt like a technical wizard. He invites all other technical wizards to follow him on Twitter: @tomdheath and suggests they follow LoadScreen as well: @load_screen, lest they miss out on other tales of mechanical witchcraft.



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