PC Arkham Knight issues drive publisher to drastic measures


– Tom Heath

warner-bros-games-logoFollowing the onslaught of user complaints yesterday regarding the PC Arkham Knight issues, the game’s publisher has suspended digital sales of the game until the situation is resolved. Writing on their official forums, Warner Bros said they hope many of those unsatisfied with the current state of the game will remain patient and await the fixes, but if they choose they can get refunds.

This is some pretty serious intervention. Not only to pull the game from digital store fronts, but to give details on how to refund the game is pretty unprecedented when it comes to shoddy PC launches.

The performance issues mentioned by many players are not being experienced by every PC user however, so if anyone is still wanting to purchase the game and try their luck Kotaku has discovered the game is still available to purchase on Steam if you search for it. The suspension has only applied to all the front page banners and advertisements through the retailer.

UPDATE: Literally minutes after publishing, news came through that Batman: Arkham Knight is now completely unavailable on Steam.

Once there is an update on the state of the PC version of Arkham Knight, we will let you know.

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