Vintage Gaming: A dinosaur retrospective

Vintage Gaming

– Charlie Braithwaite and Tom Heath

Considering all things dinosaur are relevant again, LoadScreen have prepared a list of some of the hottest dinosaur games, most of these are a blast from the Jurassic past, but nonetheless were incredible when they came out.

Jurassic Park- 1993 DOS game

– Charlie


Let me just start off by saying thank you to those responsible for making this game, it holds a strong place in my memories, three year old me used to sit on dad’s lap and play this game. Also, let me just say fuck you whoever made this game. It was frustratingly difficult. Like, so difficult. I played it recently and it was still impossible to play. My Dr. Grant just died and grunted in agony every few seconds. I wish I could say what any level past the first one was like, but I never got that far. But still, nostalgia overload. Click here to play it and let me know how far you get, if you get past the first level I’ll send you a signed picture of myself that will have approximately $0.02 value.

Dino Crisis – 1999 Playstation 1

– Tom


Jesus, this game terrified me when I played it 16 years ago (man, I’m old). Admittedly I was 10 and shouldn’t have been playing such an adult game anyway, but the pitch was “Resident Evil + dinosaurs” so how could I not? Keeping the original Resident Evil‘s aesthetic of using gorgeous 2D environments being traversed by 3D characters, Dino Crisis is probably only survival-dinosaur-horror game I can name. Zombies and ghouls are one thing, but to be exploring a room, finally finding the switch to unlock the next area, to then have VELOCIRAPTORS BURST THROUGH ALL THE WINDOWS TO EAT YOUR FACE was an experience I haven’t forgotten. Those things were fast!

Nanosaur – 1998 PC/Mac

– Tom


Man, the 90s were the best for dinosaur games! While Dino Crisis had super spooky Velociraptors, Nanosaur was the game that put you in the shoes of a genetically modified, super intelligent Velociraptor with a laser cannon for an arm. Oh yes, you read that correctly and it was every bit as awesome as it sounds. Sent back in time to the dinosaur era, the Nanosaur had to collect the eggs of other dinosaur species and send them back to the future (heh) before the mass extinction wipes them out. Not the most enthralling narrative I know, but on top of the laser cannon the Nanosaur also had a jetpack! Yeah. Jetpacks.

You can actually still download the game here!

Primal Rage-  1994 self respecting arcades of the 90s

– Charlie


The concept: it’s the apocalypse, mankind has been wiped out by a meteor strike and reverted back to the stone age. Seems cool right? But what if I told you the same meteor strike woke up a bunch of inconceivably brutal giant apes and dinosaurs and they become gods and fought for dominance.  Oh, and there was totally a Dinosaur called Sauron, because why the fuck not?  If any Hollywood fat cats are reading this, please make the Primal Rage premise into all of the movies ever until the sun eventually kills us.

Primal Rage was a fighter game that had equal measures of gore and bullshit spamming combos. I can still remember being at daycare and the older kids wouldn’t let me play… and then they said “it’s your turn Charlie” and I got super excited but it turned out there was another Charlie…. fuck… those… C!@#S kids.

Charlie and Tom sometime pretend they are dinosaurs and chase Charlie’s rabbit around the house. Follow them on twitter here @clbraith and here @tomdheath and don’t forget to tell us if we’ve forgotten your favourite dino game @load_screen



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