Fallout 4 successfully bought with bottle caps


– Tom Heath

Ge3811PLast week, an Imgur gallery was posted on Reddit of user GatorMacheteJr saying he had just shipped their “life savings” of bottle caps to Bethesda Softworks in an attempt to purchase Fallout 4. Bottle caps are the currency in the Fallout series, and GatorMacheteJr had spent seven years amassing the 2,240 caps he shipped. He also included a witty note referring to preorders only being advertised in “pre-war dollars”, gave his Steam ID for the transfer and that should they want to return his payment, Bethesda would have to contact him as his return address is due to change in August.

Well, today we found that the stunt worked, and Bethesda will be giving GatorMacheteJr a copy of Fallout 4 in November.

That tweet came from Matt Grandstaff, global community lead from Bethesda Softworks, showing that he indeed did receive GatorMacheteJr’s bottle caps. Back over on Imgur, GatorMacheteJr revealed that Bethesda had responded to him saying they would give him a copy of Fallout 4 in recognition of being the first fan to attempt something like this. Grandstaff also backed up this claim.  

Now, this is the point where we all curse ourselves for not thinking to do this first!

Personally, I think good on Bethesda for honouring his request, and for doing it in such a way that wouldn’t make others think they can just spam them with bottle caps and get the same treatment. I know that might make people cry foul, wondering why they must pay real money for their games while someone else simply shipped their recycling, but look at it this way: joke’s on him.

A lazy Google search tells me a six pack of Carta Blanca, one of the caps I spied in GatorMacheteJr’s photos, is around $US6.49 (us Australians are getting JACKED). So, that’s around $US1.08 a beer (seriously, SO JACKED), meaning prior to shipping, that bottle cap collection would have cost around $US2,419.20 to obtain. When it comes down to it, would we really want to exchange $2,419.20 for a copy of Fallout 4 and some great university days memories of drinking?

Yeah, we probably would…

Tom is seriously planning to head to his nearest bottle shop to complain about their beer prices now. If you have also been shafted by international pricing, let him know on Twitter: @tomdheath. And maybe follow LoadScreen too: @load_screen, all the cool kids are doing now.


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