Month: July 2015

ZombiU for PS4, Xbox One and PC releases next month

– Tom Heath The problem with working the name of a console into the title of a game exclusive to said console is that it becomes pretty awkward when you suddenly decide to release it on other platforms. Ubisoft’s ZombiU, as with most games released on the launch of the Wii U in 2012, decided to include the capital “U” in its title. And it did that because…reasons? I m...[Read More]

Trial By Combat: STARWHAL

– Charlie Braithwaite After being well and truly shamed and collapsing into a pile of swear words in our last Trial By Combat I needed to calculate my revenge.  Through studying Tom’s every movement since our friendship began, I deduced he would suck at STARWHAL, the space narwhal combat simulator. Like a true gentleman I took to Twitter to issue the challenge: @clbraith@StarwhalGame I...[Read More]

Headless army shoot-out in Red Dead Redemption

– Tom Heath Video games contain glitches. Sometimes these glitches make for entertaining romps as a goat who blows up a petrol station. Others turn sensual sex scenes into pure, weapons grade nightmare fuel. Then there are the ones that are just plain creepy. YouTube user Drewoid was playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, a game that was already full of creepy ghouls, when he came ac...[Read More]

For a short time only you can try Star Citizen for free

– Charlie Braithwaite Are you keen to enlist in a huge space opera of a game? Well Star Citizen looks like it could worth watching when it comes to the new trend of open world space gaming. For a short time only you can play Star Citizen for free and experience what it is like to blow up strangers in space. If you visit this page and enter QCFREEFLIGHT2K15 as a promotional code, you will get...[Read More]

Rad Road Rally: Micro Machines nostalgia

– Charlie Braithwaite The face of gaming has changed a lot since the early 90s. If like me you grew up playing games like Micro Machines, at least part of you is probably hell bent on feeling that sweet nostalgia. Good news is that the new indie title Rad Road Rally has you covered. Rad Road Rally combines simplistic gameplay, retro graphics and a banging soundtrack, which when combined tick...[Read More]

Where Five Nights at Freddy’s lost its way

– Tom Heath When it comes to horror games, I’m a complete wuss who somehow manages to occasionally step up to the plate and conquer them. I’m like the timid person in the movies who always manages to be the last one alive and defeats the monster/axe-murderer/alien/stalking-sex-demon. I usually find the games balls-shrivellingly terrifying, but I push through and make it out the o...[Read More]

How to build a new PC: An unhelpful guide

– Charlie Braithwaite My old computer was reliable, it could send emails, hell it could even receive emails. But when it came to games it could just about run StarCraft and DayZ, but was falling short on new releases. So it was time to embark on that exciting/tedious journey of building a new computer. And by build I mean drink beer and watch Alfred do it. Now I am referring to a friend of m...[Read More]

OSVR academia program establishes public research portal

– Tom Heath Indie developers rejoice: you can now access research conducted by universities that are part of the Open Source Virtual Reality academic program for free online. You don’t need to be a student at one of the 49 participating universities to learn and innovate upon the results from studies into the possibilities of VR gaming. Announced at CES 2015 in January, the OSVR progra...[Read More]

Nintendo wants to watch you sleep

– Tom Heath When one goes looking at patents filed by individuals or companies, you come across some strange stuff. For example, in 1984 some guy patented the rocket powered surfboard. That is a thing. Sometimes new patents can give you an idea of the direction a company may be heading with their products, while other times they’re just concepts that are never realised in the exact for...[Read More]

In Memoriam: Batman Arkham Trilogy

–  Luke Chandler  This edition of In Memoriam is a little different than usual. In Memoriam usually focuses on a single game, but today we will be focusing on Rocksteady’s Arkham Trilogy. As usual, this article will contain major spoilers. Believe me, if you are yet to play the Arkham Trilogy, you might want to turn back now. In late 2009, British developer Rocksteady released Batman Arkham:...[Read More]

Buffering: monster truck soccer (AKA, Rocket League)

– Tom Heath Here’s another Buffering video, where we show off our gameplay clips from whatever we may be playing at the moment. In this video, Charlie and I gave Rocket League a go after reading Luke’s glowing review. What did we learn? Well, even when the sport is improved significantly by the inclusion of rocket boosting monster trucks, Charlie is still better than me at soccer...[Read More]

Fallout Anthology announced for PC, comes in miniature nuke

– Tom Heath QuakeCon 2015 has just begun, and to kick off the weekend Bethesda Softworks vice president Pete Hines announced a new collection of the Fallout series coming to PC this year. Dubbed the Fallout Anthology, the collection includes Fallout 1, 2, 3 Game of the Year, New Vegas Ultimate and Fallout Tactics and is contained within a miniature nuclear warhead package. And for those of y...[Read More]

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