Allison Road, spiritual successor for P.T.: pants will be shat


– Tom Heath

1658685_871405306285590_5103224826233134188_oI, like many others, was devastated earlier this year when the Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro directed horror game Silent Hills was cancelled, especially after playing its phenomenal playable teaser, P.T., on PS4. The mind bending horror experience set in a suburban household was unlike anything I had ever experienced, featuring no “game” like features such as objective markers, challenges or any kind of direction at all. It just wanted players to be in the space, and let their own curiosity/pants-shitting-terror guide them through the demo. Yes, its final puzzle was horrendously convoluted, but that nightmare and its incredibly realistic looking house will forever haunt me and I’m crushed that the full project shall never be realised.

But now it seems I have the next best thing to look forward to. Enter Allison Road.

Screenshot 2015-07-01 15.43.28

This isn’t your inner city friends town house, it’s an actual in-game screenshot…

Currently in development from a UK based indie studio, Lilith Ltd, Allison Road has a very similar vibe to P.T. with the photorealism, set in an ordinary home, silent/eerie atmosphere and also a creepy demon lady. The game has been in development since September last year, originally as a one person project but is now being done with a team of six. While the team have been releasing screenshots and tech demos over the course of development, but yesterday they released the first bit of gameplay footage and it pretty much nails the suspense.


While the developers state in the video description that the above gameplay won’t feature in the actual game for sake of spoilers (the P.T./Silent Hills comparisons continue), the new elements such as a more interactive environment could really enhance the horror. Heck, even the fake, paranoid horror; I could have sworn I saw something move in the TV reflection at the beginning while they were examining that magazine…

Anyway, colour me intrigued! I thought I was holding my own pretty well throughout that demonstration, feeling a little on edge but not uncontrollably sweating like I was with P.T.

But then that little scuttle at the end… yeah, I yelped…

Tom was sure glad he did some laundry this morning before learning about Allison Road, all that clean underwear eventually came in handy! For jokes maybe a little better than that one*, follow him on Twitter: @tomdheath. And be sure to follow LoadScreen too: @load_screen, or else naked demon ladies will get you.


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