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– Charlie Braithwaite

Welcome to the second edition of In Memoriam, the LoadScreen series where we shed a tear for beloved characters who have passed away. This week we are honouring the demise of a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You know, that game everyone who has ever touched a gamepad and was alive in the 90s talks about.

ocarinaoftimeOcarina of Time is arguably one of the most influential games of all time. It was is challenging, captivating and addictive. Every aspect of it worked, but it is perhaps best known for its ridiculously catchy soundtrack. Seriously, hum the first few notes of Saria’s song around any Nintendo fan, it is their mating call.

To reveal spoilers for a game that came out 17 years ago, scroll past this picture of my dog in a bee suit.

461882_10150926698163508_1908513658_oAlthough it has a PG rating Ocarina of Time could be pretty dark. One of its darkest moments was the demise of a character that Link spent some time inside of. No, this isn’t weird fan fiction…

The Great Deku Tree plays an important role in the events of Ocarina of Time. He sends Navi to Link and is pretty much responsible for saving Hyrule by seeing the potential hidden inside of a young boy in a green hat. He also has a banging Stalin moustache.

After Link spends some time rooting (pun intended) around in the Great Deku Tree and ridding the father of the forest of his curse the character ultimately succumbs to a serious case of skulltula infection. But in true Hollywood fashion the tree’s final act before he kicks the bucket is telling Link all he needs to know and initiating the best quest OF ALL TIME!

Without his sacrifice we wouldn’t have the events of Ocarina to constantly talk about when we want to sound like we know about games.

So pour out a sip for the great tree in the sky.

RIP Great Deku Tree.

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