Horizon Zero Dawn to be an open world RPG, says Guerrilla Games


– Tom Heath


Horizon Zero Dawn made quite the impression during Sony’s E3 presentation last month, being a new IP from long time Playstation developer Guerrilla Games. Their first non-Killzone game in a long time, the pre-historic themed, post apocalyptic, robot dinosaur hunting game looks like quite a shift from their comfort zone. Few details were given as to the specifics of the game during its reveal, but a recent interview with Guerrilla Games senior producer Mark Norris has shed some light on what to expect.

Norris took the time to explain a few of the things we saw in the original gameplay demo, such as how all the “pre-historic” weaponry is made up of mechanical parts scavenged by protagonist Aloy, pronounced “A-loy” (SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE?!). Furthermore, the game will be running in a modified version of the engine used to run the Killzone games, which Norris claims will allow for a “seamless” open world.

Most interestingly, however, is the mention of branching skill trees and perks system managed through XP earned from quests and hunting, suggesting that Horizon will be more of an RPG affair than previous Guerrilla games. How in-depth they go with it remains to be seen; the brief mention could be describing anything from Arkham Knight‘s simple skill tree to The Witcher 3‘s sprawling customisation options. But it’s always good to see developers try new things and pursue new IPs.

They may not always turn out well, but you know, it’s good to see them have a go. We’ll have to wait until 2016 to see the results.

Bad puns are Tom’s “thing”, but even he thought Aloy’s name was a bit much. But he’ll probably just have to steel himself and bare it. For more terrible puns, follow Tom on Twitter: @tomdheath. And follow LoadScreen as well, @load_screen, because you might also learn something along with the puns.


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