StarCraft: Learning curve torture


– Charlie Braithwaite

I’ve written before about how gaming with friends isn’t always a good experience. So, yeah, pretty much that again… but StarCraft II and its disgusting learning curve.

protoss_colossus_001-largeFor the uninitiated StarCraft seems like an easily accessible strategy game. Anyone who grew up playing Age of Empires may look at the mechanics and think they could pick up the game and play a few rounds with friends. Well, as my tone implies that is definitely not the case.

I can still remember the weekend I bought StarCraft II, a friend of mine invited me to play with him online. Sure, I thought. Why not? What better way to learn a game?

So our game started, I was mining away, all of a sudden my SCVs were being picked off. A quick scout around revealed an enemy turret. Yup, my first online game and a close friend decided to cannon rush me. By the way, I am not against cannon rushing, many months later it helped me to get into gold league.

The next round we played he promised not to do the same. I was skeptical so walled off my base, or so I thought. About 10 or so minutes into the game a bunch of his units appeared out of nowhere and smashed up my base like I owed them money. Yup, he warp rushed me. I was done.

After finishing the campaign I didn’t touch StarCraft II for some time. When Heart of the Swarm came out in March 2013 my close friends started to play. I decided to join them, why not? I still remembered basic Terran units and builds. What could I lose?


Oh right, faith in humanity.

Banelings still make cameos in my nightmares. Hours of your time could literally disappear into acid goo in mere seconds. No matter what technique I would try there was noting that could make my Terran army survive. I needed to find a way to fight back. That’s when the Protoss unveiled their wonders.

Void Rays man, so many Void Rays. They were my silver lining. 2v2 battles with two Protoss teams soon became a thing of beauty.


Effective against Zerg and frame rates.

This was only the beginning, now that I could fight back I found new ways to do it. Protoss became my guys, I was winning at least two out of three games. Finally I had beat the learning curve and was enjoying the game. Everything was looking great.

That is, until Dota 2 came out. My friends jumped ship and fell into that abyss. I tried a handful of rounds and the learning curve shanked me in the showers every single time.

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