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– Charlie Braithwaite

As we’ve discussed Batman: Arkham Knight has a lot of great things going for it, also some not so great things (here’s looking at you tank battles). Some of the best aspects in Rocksteady’s Arkham series are the Easter eggs scattered throughout. Arkham Knight is a smorgasbord of Justice League references, perhaps hinting at Rocksteady’s next venture now that their Batman arc has come to a conclusion.

Note to Rocksteady:  Please make it, I have so many notes scribbled on tissue paper that say how it could work.


Gotham City, the Where’s Wally of Justice League references.

Needless to say this article will have mild spoilers for Arkham Knight throughout.

The Flash

Pictured rowing on the left, also what the actual fuck is this. (Image via Flickr user Tom Simpson)

Pictured rowing on the left, also what the actual fuck is this. (Image via Flickr user Tom Simpson)

You may have noticed posters dotted throughout the game, these decorative features are a gold mine for Easter eggs. One of the best is a travel poster advertising Keystone city, home of Barry Allen, who if you aren’t up to scratch on your comic book trivia is The Flash. The poster even has a red streak meandering throughout it, perhaps showing a super-speed hero doing what he does best, going way too fast to exist.

Some of the dialogue Bats can overhear also references the fastest DC hero, a thug states that at least they can see Batman coming, unlike the hero in Keystone.

Green Arrow


This disgusting goatee fights alongside two gods and Batman. (Image via Flickr user Chris)

Apart from being the star in a daytime soap edgy TV series, Oliver Queen  as the Green Arrow is a staple DC hero who like Bats is a billionaire with no powers to speak of. Oh, he is good at archery? Invest in a gun buddy.

Anyway, Green Arrow has a huge Easter egg on display in Arkham Knight, if you haven’t noticed it already  I suggest you take a look at some of the buildings. The signage on one of Gotham’s sky scrapers reads “Queen Industries”, which is owned by none other than Oliver Queen.

Wonder Woman


Nearly, your Easter Egg was subtle. (Image via Flickr user jooleeah_stahkey)

The Amazonian warrior princess has a pretty subtle hint in the game. Again it is signage that hints to her existence. The signage on the Wayne Foundation Community Centre is identical to Wonder Woman’s logo. Also Bats totally knew this. Does this mean Bruce has a soft spot for Diana? My fantasies say yes.


Pictured here, changing modern culture. (Image via Flickr user Tom Simpson)

Pictured here, changing modern culture. (Image via Flickr user Tom Simpson)

Considering Clark Kent’s idea of a disguise is glasses it is no surprise that references to Superman aren’t exactly well hidden in this game. A poster right next to The Flash’s Keystone one depicts Superman’s home city Metropolis. It reads “fly to Metropolis” and there is a red streak in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plan.. it’s totally fucking Superman, Superman is referenced in this game.

Supes is mentioned in several pieces of dialogue Batman can eavesdrop on. The juiciest overheard Superman reference has got to be this one:

“Next thing someone’s going to tell me Superman’s really a janitor, or no, a journalist.” HAH well done random goon, you cracked what a pair of glasses has hidden for 82 years.

Less subtle and linked to Superman is the giant Lex Corp building and an answer machine message from Lex Luthor on Bruce Wayne’s answer machine.

Other heroes nobody likes but pretends to know about

Zatanna, everyone's favourite superhero... (Image via Flickr user eyemage)

Zatanna, everyone’s favourite superhero… (Image via Flickr user eyemage)

Okay this title is misleading. I like them, but the references aren’t really meaty and their names aren’t going to sell out stadiums if you know what I’m saying.

Black Canary & Huntress– In an office building a computer can be seen to have the Birds of Prey backdrop, an open window shows a chat session between Huntress and Oracle.  It reads:

Oracle: Stay on the Mainland, you can help there.

Huntress: you ordering?

Oracle: Im asking Find BC patrol the evacuee camps.

Zatanna– There is a magic shop in a tunnel that has the name “Zatanna.” It’s a nice little reference to the magical heroine.

Black Canary-Man Rocksteady sure do love signs, a giant neon reads “Black Canary Club.”

Cyborg– A newspaper clipping in the clock tower depicts a pre-mangled Victor Stone in his football uniform.

Batwoman– A message on Bruce Wayne’s answering machine from Kate Kane asks Bruce whether he will be attending Kane and Maggie’s engagement. Hooray for celebrating marriage equality, less hooray for not having Batwoman as a playable character.

Batgirl– Let’s end on a high note for Barbara Gordon, she needs it, she had one hell of a rough night in Gotham. In the clock tower there is a Batgirl suit hidden away, it’s easy to access due to having a big green power switch next to it.

Considering how great Rocksteady are at hiding stuff, let us know if we’ve left out any references.

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