Hello Games demonstrates No Mans Sky, gets repeatedly harassed by goat


– Tom Heath


As it is the feature game for IGN’s July edition of IGN First, we can expect to learn a lot more about Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky over the next month. A big steaming pile of that learning has just hit the interwebs in the form of an 18 minute gameplay demonstration with Hello Games founder, and regular demonstrator, Sean Murray.

And if any of you were concerned about whether or not No Man’s Sky will feature relentless pestering from space goats, you can calm your respective farms; it most certainly does.

I previously wrote that, based on current demonstrations, I was concerned No Man’s Sky would contain little to do other than wander around; that the universe would be vast yet sparse. This new video has eased my concerns somewhat, showing actual activities to partake in and I genuinely felt curious to go off and look at a lot of the things glimpsed in the distance.

Some of the things shown off are:

  • Grand Theft Auto-esque wanted level system that summons the Sentinel robots seen in the E3 demo last month. You gain “stars” really quickly by harming animals/other Sentinels, or slowly by gathering resources.
  • Players could never visit planets if they want, playing the game solely like intergalactic Jordan Belforts.
  • Other space ships frequent planets’ trading ports and space-stations, and you can take their stuff if you destroy them.
  • Planets are affected by their rotation related to the nearest sun, one can fly to the dark side of a planet.
  • Pretty grass, lots of pretty grass.

All of these features seem intriguing, but I hope the game implements a way to involve player interaction, as so far all they’ve said is that players will likely never meet given how large the universe is.

Big, open world, persistent games like this are at their best when unpredictable things happen between human players, and I hope there is a way to seek out other people so these moments can come to life. Day Z wouldn’t be half as fun without crazy antics like our other editor Charlie and his murderous plots.

Maybe we can scour the Sentinel police wire and learn of players with high wanted levels? Something like that. Just a thought.

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