Batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight trailer released, Killing Joke vibes aplenty


– Tom Heath

Warner Bros have released a trailer for next week’s Batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight, titled “A Matter of Family” and developed by Arkham Origins makers Warner Bros Montreal. The first story-based DLC for the Arkham Knight‘s season pass, the chapter follows Barbara Gordon as Batgirl in a pre-Arkham Asylum adventure to rescue her father from the clutches of Joker.

Robin is along for the ride, so we can expect more of the tag-team-takedowns seen in Arkham Knight. Batgirl also seems to have some new moves in her arsenal, but the glimpses are very brief.

But what excites me about this DLC, aside from the return to classic Harley Quinn getup and a living Joker, is the Killing Joke vibes it’s giving me. The Killing Joke was a Batman story from 1988 about the Joker escaping Arkham Asylum and kidnapping Jim Gordon, subjecting him to a night of horror so great that it should drive him mad, proving to Batman that all that stands between a sane man and an insane man is one, bad day.

Really funny stuff! (Panel from The Killing Joke)

In The Killing Joke, Joker also paralyses Barbara Gordon when he comes to kidnapped her father. He bursts into their apartment, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and shoots her through the spine before stopping to take pictures. Sound familiar? Yep, they established that scene previously happened in Arkham Knight.

So, with a similar premise and a previsously shown canonical scene, are we gearing up for a Killing Joke adaptation in the Arkham universe? I certainly hope so!

“A Matter of Family” releases July 14 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. No confirmed release for PC yet, as the game is still in shambles.

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