Rocket League: Destruction derby meets football


– Luke Chandler

If you’re the sort of person who usually sits in front of a screen in a darkened room, chances are you’ve seen the name Rocket League pop up on various online publications and message boards. The game has generated a large amount of hype, fueled by a dedicated fan base. I am not really a fan of sports games, so when I first heard of Rocket League, It didn’t seem like something I’d enjoy. However, after spending many hours playing car football I can happily say that car football is my sort of thing. I encourage anyone with any preconceived notions to push them aside and try it for yourself. I doubt you will regret it.

So what exactly is Rocket League? Simply put, it is game available for PS4 and PC that combines elements of soccer and a demolition derby. You are tasked with driving a rocket-powered car around the playing field, attempting to push an over sized ball into the opposing teams goal area to score points. In short, you need to sports harder than the other team whilst in turn preventing them from sportsing on you… whilst driving a car.


Beats watching real football.

Many different methods can be used in your attempt to hit the ball. Back flipping, front flipping, driving up walls, rocket boosting through the air, or simply driving straight into the ball are all viable and often necessary options. If your opponents are getting in your way, you can always just drive into them to nudge them out of the way. You can even blow them up if you use your rocket boost and hit them with enough speed.

The game supports up to 8 players online in a 4v4 match. However, you will probably spend most of your time playing the game’s 3v3 mode. 6 players on the field at once definitely feels like the right amount for a game like Rocket League. You will always feel as if you are contributing to your team, but there are still enough exciting and over the top moments to keep you hooked and coming back for more. A split screen option is also included, supporting up to 4 players. This is great if you want to trash talk your friends. Hell, you can probably even betray them if you like.

If multiplayer isn’t for you, Psyonix (the development studio behind Rocket league) have you covered. Rocket League also features a season mode. You start by creating a team; choosing your name, team logo, and team members. From there, you can select the length of the season, and even the AI difficulty. Including these options ensures that you can still obtain a competitive experience without the hassles of having to play online.

Rocket League is easy to learn but difficult to master. Luckily, Psyonix, have included various practice modes to help you touch up on your striking, goal keeping, and aerial skills. These practice modes are definitely worth checking out as they help to quickly get you familiarized with the controls.


A huge selling point for Rocket League is the customization. You are able to customize multiple components of your car, ensuring you look your bet. You can look forward to seeing cars driving around with an array of different hats, antennas, and even rocket streams. . There are even multiple car body types to choose from. Psyonix are boasting 10 billion possible customization combinations! However, it is worth mentioning that each item needs to be unlocked first. No need to worry though; you unlock an item every single time you complete a match. So far my personal favorite item would have to be the Viking style helmet. If you can honestly say you don’t want to be a viking hat wearing car playing soccer, you are on the wrong website.

Just in case this game doesn’t already sound awesome enough, Psyonix have confirmed that more maps will be released in the future, all of which will be free. The developers want everyone to have access to all of the maps to ensure that no fractures are created in the online community. This is great news in the world of gaming as it is almost unheard of for a publisher to supply free content post-launch.

I find it very hard to think of any negative aspects of Rocket League, so I’m not going to list any. The game is just out right fun and offers a ton of replay value. Even after unlocking all of the customization items, you won’t want to put the controller down.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, don’t forget that rocket league is available for free throughout the rest of July.

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