Buffering: Crazy Battlefield 4 kill makes me way too proud of myself

Buffering Videos

– Tom Heath

All right gang, welcome to Buffering, where we upload any of our own gameplay clips for your enjoyment. Our première video comes from a game I am horrendously bad at: Battlefield 4.

So, I was playing with my Unnatural Selection podcast co-hosts Adam and Jorge, who are both Battlefield veterans (AKA, they’re actually good). I’d hopped on Adam’s quad-bike and we were heading in to take one of the objectives when we were suddenly accosted by an APC.

As for what happened next, well, let’s just say I stepped up to the plate and saved the day.



Sadly Adam and Jorge had disabled their microphone recording settings (you guys!) so you can’t hear their responses to my crazy Battlefield 4 kill and it just makes me sound like a pathetically lonely lunatic. But here’s my feat of blind luck heroism, all 44 seconds of it:

Despite this triumph, I still have a long way to go before I’m anywhere near as awesome as this guy’s jet killing skills. A guy can dream though, a guy can dream.

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