Killing dogs in games is not okay


– Charlie Braithwaite

Some things are just not okay, and as a dog lover, killing any form of canine is up the top of that list for me. As a gamer that creates conflict from time to time. Generally killing enemies in a game is satisfying, seeing an arrow puncture a bandit or blowing the brains out of a zombie feels good. What doesn’t feel good is pumping a dog full of bullets or knifing it. Seriously, who the fuck wants to sit back and relax by stabbing dogs?

I understand how contradictory it is that I’d be okay with shooting down planes full of people in GTA, but if in that same game I accidentally run over a dog, I have to reload so that I’m not playing as a filthy dog murderer.But that’s just how it is. And why not? Animals are objectively innocent, even if an attack dog in Call of Duty is trying to tear my throat out it is only because some digital arsehole trained it to do that. Sure maybe some henchmen in these games are brain washed into attacking, but I don’t give a fuck, he’s getting a guilt free RPG to the face, he still has more choice than an animal that inherently fears vacuum cleaners.

Adorable, better knife the fucker.

Even wolves, the wilder sexier version of dogs are frequently presented as cannon fodder. I get it, they may be attacking me, but I still want to pat the hell out of that adorable monster. One of the worst parts in Red Dead Redemption for me was the hunt challenge where you needed to collect wolf pelts, not only did I have to empty a rifle into a pack of majestic animals, I would then have to pry their skin off them. I did it, but fuck, was that trying.End of the day I just have a soft spot for dogs, but next time you come across a pooch in a game I urge you to just let that digital canine maul you, it is the right thing. Who cares if you never complete Call of Battle Duty 16, you did the right thing.

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