Goat Simulator is coming to Playstation next month


– Tom Heath

Developer Coffee Stains’ Goat Simulator is coming to Playstation next month, so get your “share” buttons ready because the crazy glitch moments are coming.

Originally released on Steam and later ported for Xbox One and Xbox 360, Goat Simulator is both exactly what it sounds like and nothing like it. Yes, it’s a game where you play as a goat but no, it is in no way a simulation of the real goat experience. Unless goats do indeed go around swinging from semi-trailers by their tongues until they fly off and blow up a petrol station and I just don’t know about it.

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Crafty goats…

Aside from the vehicular-goat-mayhem of the original game, port developer Double Eleven have also announced the local multiplayer from the Xbox versions will be included (two players on PS3, four on PS4), along with something called “GoatVR”. Double Eleven’s Mark South wrote in the announcement that GoatVR will be “the most authentic ‘simulated GoatVR experience'”, won’t require a headset initially but might later and includes a score multiplier because their beta testers had trouble seeing where they were going.

Given their track record of liking to kid (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!), that last part feels like a bit of a joke. While Sony is developing their VR headset for PS4, called Project Morpheus, Double Eleven saying they are simulating a VR experience and that their solution to complaints from beta testers was to simply give them more points just doesn’t sound right.

We’ve reached out to Sony/Double Eleven to clarify this, and will update when we hear back.

Goat Simulator is due to release on PS4 and PS3 on August 11.

Tom has spent more time playing Goat Simulator than he’d care to admit. You might be able to convince him to on Twitter though, he has a nasty habit of saying things he shouldn’t on there: @tomdheath. For more gaming news, follow LoadScreen: @load_screen.


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