Telltale’s Game of Thrones episode five launches next week


– Tom Heath

Good news for those of us suffering withdrawals after the end of Game of Thrones season five last month: the next episode of the game is due to arrive next week. The penultimate episode of the season, Telltale’s Game of Thrones episode five, “A Nest of Vipers”, is launching in the traditional staggered fashion starting with PC/Mac and Playstation on Wednesday July 22 (Australian time).

Telltale’s Game of Thrones has been an interesting ride thus far, telling a story happening on the outskirts of the plot-line from the HBO show. Starting outside of a castle called The Twins at the end of season 3 (yes, THAT bit), we’ve followed members and friends of House Forrester and how the ramifications of the show’s conflicts are threatening their livelihood. The story is told like an interactive TV show much like Telltale’s other works The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, where players’ decisions shape the narrative, and actually features characters from the main program, albeit in adorable cartoon form.

Don’t worry, Peter Dinklage’s voice acting is MUCH better here than in Destiny…

Here’s the trailer for episode 5, but beware of spoilers for the season up to this point if you are new to the game!

As mentioned, “A Nest of Vipers” launches on PC/Mac and Playstation platforms on July 22, but is then on Xbox platforms July 23 and finally on iOS and Android July 24.

Tom is fairly confident his playthrough’s Mira Forrester is stuffed due to his poor decision making. Maybe you fared better? Let him know on Twitter: @tomdheath, or hit him up on LoadScreen: @load_screen.


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