Trial By Combat: Tom resorts to unfair measures


– Tom Heath

Last month’s Trial By Combat left me a shell of a man. Such a defeat was something I could not abide, so I retreated to my lair and plotted my revenge. Charlie had to pay; I had to find something that would break him as he had broken me. A simple loss would not be enough, he needed to be humiliated…

It was through perusing my usual “Let’s Play” feed that I found my answer: Unfair Mario.

It was perfect. It was ruthless, sneaky, cunning. And best of all: downright unfair.

So there you have it, my fun was had. I now live in constant fear of the next Trial By Combat, for surely my uppance shall come…

Tom’s lair was a steal given recent Australian house prices. Want to know how much? Follow him on Twitter and you may just find out: @tomdheath, and follow LoadScreen while you’re at it: @load_screen.


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