EB Games’ Twitter hit with comments following allegations of employee abuse


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Yesterday afternoon, Kotaku AU published an article telling the stories of several ex-EB Games employees who encountered abuse from management and other staff members.

The allegations include the cover up of a sexual assault and a casual policy of staff being expected to work without pay, lest you be replaced or skipped for promotion. Furthermore, several employees reported being bullied, harassed and psychologically abused by a particular district manager, who was named in the article.

Since publication, the EB Games Australia Twitter feed has been rife with posts from disgusted customers and others claiming to be ex-employees who suffered similar mistreatment.

Others have questioned the original articles comments on EB Games’ policies regarding employees reporting abuse in the workplace. EB Games contracts an external HR firm and has an “integrity line” for employees to register complaints. Speaking to Kotaku AU, several ex-employees claim the “integrity line” does not follow up on reports made to it.

This situation is on going, and Kotaku reports that EB Games conducted a three week internal investigation into claims of verbal abuse from the particular district manager and found “there has not been any unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation. The testimony of the employees filing the complaint against the manager was originally reported in May of this year.

LoadScreen has contacted EB Games for further insight into this matter and will report any information when we have it.

EB Games have put out the following statement in response to yesterday’s article:

EB Games goes above and beyond to provide our employees with a safe working environment. EB Games has a zero tolerance on bullying and harassment of any kind. EB Games is committed to the ongoing education of all staff to ensure that they are aware of the HR and personal support that is available to them.”

And at least one individual was thinking of the well being of the person manning EB Games’ social media over the past 24 hours, who is most certainly at the front lines of this situation.

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